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5 Top Tips for Introverts Who Stink at Networking 4
Affiliate Marketing – The Perfect Business for the Introverted Entrepreneur 7
Are You an Introverted Entrepreneur? Practice Makes Perfect 10
Success Tips from Famous Introverted Entrepreneurs 12
The Advantages of an Introvert/Extrovert Entrepreneurial Partnership 14

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This could be a problem if an introverted person were to become an en-trepreneur. Starting and running your own business can be difficult if you don’t enjoy or are not good at networking, selling, meeting, and greeting and doing other things that most introverts would rather avoid.

Introverts worry no more. There is a perfect entrepreneurial career path that is right for you, and it is called affiliate marketing.

To define affiliate marketing is easy. You let people know about a partic-ular product or service. If they buy that product or service, you are paid a commission. That is all there is to affiliate marketing. You don’t have to get up in front of large crowds and give presentations, and you never have to network if you don’t want to. Spending hours on the phone is entirely up to you, but you never have to speak to another human being again, as far as business is concerned, when you become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur. All you have to do is apply to become an affiliate for any number of companies online, and you never have to speak to anyone.

Approval is not as hard as you may think because companies are more than happy to have you promote their products and services. Then you simply write blog posts, make videos, post to social media, build an email list and promote offers to it, or do any other number of things that you would like to do to get people looking at your affiliate offers.

Leave the Interaction to Someone Else

This means no dealing with customers, the company you are an affiliate for handles that. There is no need for worrying about refunds, stocking products, attending meetings, participating in group sessions, getting your team fired up in a pep rally, forever making small talk again … things that many entrepreneurs have to deal with on a daily basis.

If you consider yourself an introvert, you may want to think about becom-ing an affiliate marketer if you have entrepreneurial tendencies. This will allow you to escape the traditional rat-race career path that has so many job responsibilities you hate, and you can perfectly cater your affiliate marketing experience to the activities and behaviors that make you who you are.

Are You an Introverted Entrepreneur? Practice Makes Perfect

Why is it that the most talented and successful athletes and musicians in the world practice so much? They are the best at what they do, so why practice? The greatest actors, who seemingly embody famous roles in movies or series, are often known to diligently study their lines inces-santly. The best Wall Street traders invariably do the most homework. When you were trying to learn how to ride a bike, you fell again and again. However, you kept getting back on the bike, working hard and practicing over and over, and now you can ride a two-wheeled bike with-out even thinking about the process.

These things happen because proper practice breeds success.

Did you know flamboyant billionaire and serial entrepreneur Richard Branson is an introvert? As a young man passionately hoping to start his own business, Branson was faced with a huge challenge … he is dyslexic. Dyslexia is a disorder that causes an individual to have difficulty reading, learning and interpreting words, letters, and symbols.

Often, even the simplest of sentences is difficult to understand. This is why Branson would rehearse sales and marketing speeches and messages over and over until they became second nature. The man is now one of the richest human beings on the face of the planet, and always looks right at home in front of a camera, or addressing hundreds or even thou-sands of people as a keynote speaker.

The answer to his problem was practice. He knew that dyslexia did not make him a less intelligent individual. It simply made his path a little more difficult than it would have been otherwise. He still struggles with dyslexia today, but it poses no difficulty for him since he long ago under-stood how to compensate for this issue. You can follow his example.

Practice sales pitches in the mirror until you have them down cold. Re-hearse opening lines and elevator pitches for your next networking event or JV meet and greet. Take whatever you see as a business skill you need to improve upon and practice it.

Your introverted nature in no way makes you less capable than an extro-vert or anyone else in the business world. Whether you strike out on your own and embrace the entrepreneurial fever, or simply want to improve your career path in the traditional business world, practicing more than your competition is a simple but deadly effective way to get where you want to go.

Success Tips from Famous Introverted Entrepreneurs

You have probably met at least one successful businessperson who seemed to be an anomaly. That person presented his or herself in a way that led you to believe they couldn’t possibly be a successful entrepre-neur. They may have been gruff or bad with people, negatively loud and boisterous, hermit-like, poor communicators or in some other ways the exact opposite of what you picture a successful entrepreneur to be.

This happens all the time.

We make assumptions based on stereotypes. In some instances, stereo-types are personally believed. If you meet a particular type of person 20 times, and in all of those 20 instances that character type acts in a very specific way, you may be forgiven for believing that is a natural and com-mon tendency for that kind of individual.

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