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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Sexual Issues Basics

Chapter 2: Female Physical Sexual Issues

Chapter 3: Male Physical Sexual Issues

Chapter 4: Emotional Issues That Impact Sex

Chapter 5: When To Seek Professional Help

Chapter 6: The Danger To Your Marriage When You Let These Issues Go Untreated

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Chapter 2: Female Physical Sexual Issues


It is fortunate for women today, that the issues related to physical sexual issues can now be openly discussed and there are several avenues availed for the women to seek out. This makes the information on female physical sexual issues more accessible and thus creating a better understanding for all parties over these issues.

The Female Side

When it comes to the issue of physical sexuality, women are more vulnerable that men, as there are usually a lot of underlying connective issues that affect a woman in this area rather than a man.

Women are usually affected both mentally and physically in all sexual issues. The actual act of sexual intercourse more often than not has a rather significant impact on the woman in general thus creating a need to be more delicate in handling issues connected to the sexual encounter.

A sexual problem can be anything that interferes with a woman natural satisfaction gained from the sexual encounter which could range from mental to physical; however in most cases it is usually noted to be of the physical nature. Ideally women should be able to enjoy a few different phases of the sexual act before and during the eventual intercourse, and this should include the stages of desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution.

However, most women are unable to focus on these very important phases, which are pivotal to the success of the sexual act, because there are usually other distracting elements present.

The lack of sexual desire or interest in sex is perhaps the most damaging phase to be in. others may include the difficulties in becoming sexually aroused or achieving orgasm which is really a very common complaint of most sexually inactive women. Having to endure some level of pain during intercourse is also another reason for the women to be unable to enjoy the sexual encounter.

Chapter 3: Male Physical Sexual Issues


Males do sometimes encounter problem which are directly related to physical sexual issues and if left untreated, the individual will not be able to enjoy a healthy and happy sexual life.

The Male Side

For the male, the testosterone levels usually dictate the sexual appetite of the individual, and when this is not in favorable balance, the individual will usually encounter phases of either total disinterest in sex or complete inability to perform the sexual act even when initiated.

The lack of certain hormones within the body system can create the imbalance that results in the lack of sexual desire. Medical conditions are another probable contributor to the disinterest or temporary physical sexual issues. Sometimes even the medications prescribed can be a negative contributing factor to this particular part of the individual’s life.

Other concerns that can affect the male’s ability to successfully engage in some level of sexual activity could also stem from the inability to control premature ejaculation.

This is often quite an embarrassing situation for the male to bear, thus creating the mindset that is weary of engaging in any normal healthy form of sexual activity.

There is also the worry of inhibited or retarded ejaculation to deal with for some males and this is equally damaging to the male ego.

This condition also further discourages the male from engaging in normal healthy sexual behavior.

There are also sometimes other painful consequences to sexual encounters that force the male to avoid any form of sex.

These would include the retrograde ejaculation where at the point of an orgasm; the sperm ejaculated is forced back into the bladder rather than released through the normal channels and out of the penis.
All these contribute to the negative mindset of the male thus directly impacting the physical capabilities of the individual. When this happens the males usually resort of unhealthy ways to release their built up sex drives or become totally put off with sex altogether.

Chapter 4: Emotional Issues That Impact Sex


Emotional issues do factor very prominently in anyone life, as the one of the reasons for not being actively sexual at certain stages in their life. However instead of avoiding these emotional phases in the hope that it will eventually improve or blow over, the individual should seek some form of help to successfully overcome this phase and get back to being comfortable with having regular sex.


Sexual difficulties sometimes begin with unpleasant or traumatic encounters at some point of the past in the individual’s life. When these encounters are not properly addressed they could eventually snowball into a situation where the individual is so affected by the past he or she is unable to function normally or respond normally to a sexual encounter.

Some of the more common contributing factors would include marital or relationship problems, physiological problems within the individual itself, lack of trust for each other within the relationship, communication problems which could also contribute to the inability for the person to express his or her sexual preference within the sexual act itself or the phase before the actual intercourse takes place, and also any previous traumatic experiences that was not properly dealt with.

Other emotional issues that could impact the sex life of an individual would also include the state of the mind of the person which could be in a depressive mode.

When depression set in, the individual would not only be an unlikely candidate for a sexual encounter but could also cause the encounter to take an unpleasant turn which could result in injury to both parties.
There is also the possibility of being sexually abused at some stage in life that causes the emotional setback when facing the possibility of a sexual encounter. Unless these emotional issues are addressed and treated accordingly, most individual will find that they would be unable to enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship.

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