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Internet Security- The Truth About Identify Theft    3
Internet Security for Teens- What You Need to Do    4
Internet Security-Downloading E-Mail Attachments    4
Internet Security- 5 Tips for Using Facebook    5
Internet Security- 8 Tips to Protect Yourself When Dating Online    6
Internet Security for Teens and Tweens- 10 Tips to Keep You Protected    7
Internet Security- Parental Control Software    8
Internet Security- Online Safety for Your Children    9
Cyber Bullying- Another Aspect of Breaking Internet Security    9
5 Tips to Ensure Internet Security    10
Internet Security- Downloading Music off the Internet    11
Internet Security- Popular Online Scams    12
Internet Security- Protect Your Wireless Connection    13
Internet Security- How to Deal with Spyware    14
Internet Security- Protecting Yourself When You Shop Online    15
Internet Security- Make Sure Your Passwords Protect You    15
Make Sure Your Emails Are Safe: Tips for Internet Security    16
Internet Security- Why Should You Use a Firewall?    17
Internet security-Signs That Your Child’s Safety Might Be Compromised    18
Internet Security- Protect Your Business    19
Internet Security- Safety When Using Public Computers    19
4 Email Scams that Threaten Your Internet Security    20
Internet Security- Storing Your Password on Your Computer    21
Internet Security-What Does Your Large Business Require?    22
Internet Security-Using Social Utility Sites    23

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Internet Security – The Truth About Identify Theft

You would hate to think that by ordering that new purse or buying that airline ticket for vacation might end up costing you your identity. While most websites are secure when it comes to transactions, your personal and financial information can be compromised. As a result, they can open credit cards, checking accounts, and even get an ID and purchase a new car with your personal information. As a result, you could end up owing thousands of dollars, as well as have to seek legal help which can cost even more money.

Identify theft can unfortunately happen to anyone. Here is some information that might be helpful in recognizing it and preventing it to maintain your internet security.

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