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The Internet has billions of web pages all competing for the interest of web users. Within any given industry there can be thousands or millions of websites that can be found.

Once they are found your site visitors will make a snap decision as to whether or not they want to continue viewing your website.


The immediate impression someone gets of your website will determine whether or not they stay on your site or hit the “back” button. It is important that your site be easy on the eyes, easy to navi-gate and clear in its purpose.

Skip the flash introductions that people get frustrated waiting for. Though they will impress a handful of people, most people will ignore them and resent having to wait for them to load. Have a clean and clear landing page and you will be able to capture the interest of more people.

Make sure it takes less than 1-second for someone visiting your site to know what you are about. If you sell watches make sure there are watches on the landing page. If you are a lawyer make sure your landing page says where you practice and the type of law your prac-tice. You have less than 2-seconds to make an impression so make it count.


Contact information is important. If you have a website there is no reason to use Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or other similar email addresses. Have an email address set for your specific domain. People will ques-tion the credibility of a website that uses this type of email address.

When contacting clients or potential clients make sure your email address is from your domain and is professionally written. You will lose credibility if your email is poorly written or comes from a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or other type of account.

Have a phone number on your website even if it is for a virtual phone system that takes a message or forwards the calls to your home or cell phone. Consumers want to see phone numbers on websites.


The quality of your website content is vital. Make sure it is well written, error-free, clear and concise. Your failure on any one of these three points will make you lose credibility in the eyes of your target market.

Consider the above factors and make sure your site appears professional to your target market.


Acomponent to succeeding online is to have a network of websites

that link to you. This will help you generate traffic and rank better in search results. Before you start link building you need to know the different methods as well as their pros and cons.


There are a number of different ways to link build. The most established way is requesting a link from a website owner or webmaster. You want to find websites that are on the same or similar topic as yours and ask them for a link to your website (you may want to offer one to them in exchange).

You need to send an e-mail to the contact person you find on the website and make the request. Chances are you will need to follow up more than once before getting a response. If you do not get a response after 5 or 6 requests you may be better off moving on.

The pro of this type of link building is that it is considered a fairly ethical practice. The con of this type of link build is that it is very labor intensive.


As you can imagine, there have been some very industrious people who saw an opportunity to make money and have created networks where people can buy links on other people’s websites and sell links on their site.

In a matter of minutes you can buy links to your website from websites on a similar topic (the only value in link building is if you get links from sites on a similar topic).

The major pro with this type of link building is that it is fast. The major con is that Google specifically forbids it and will penalize or ban any website caught doing it.


Distributing articles and press releases is a great way to build links to your website. If you write (or have written) articles and press releases that are relevant you can build a considerable network of links into your site. The better the articles and press releases are the better the results will be.

The major pro for this type of link building is that it is effective and ethical. The major con is that if you are not a good writer you will need to find one.

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