Ins And Outs Of Being A Mommy Mrr Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Introduction 3
Chapter 1 4
Battling Stress and the Lack of Sleep 4
Typical day and night 5
Coping with a new schedule 6
Breast feeding 8
Sleeping While Breast Feeding 9
Sleeping with your baby 10
Chapter 2 11
Formula, nurseries, music, and bathing 11
Formula 11
Types of bottles12
Transporting your baby to the nursery 13
Putting the Baby in the Nursery 14
Decorating Your Nursery 15
Feng Shui in the Nursery 16
Baby Music 17
Bath time 18
Making mistakes 19
Sleep Issues 21
Chapter 3 22
Smoking, Sniffles, Vaccinations and Toddlers 22
Smoking Stinks 22
Treating the Sniffles 23
Vaccinations and the Care Afterward 24
Toddlers and Nightmares 25
Baby Slings 26
Take the Toddler to Bed 27
Relaxation Techniques 28
It’s Sippy Cup Time 29
Conclusion 30

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Being a mother is the most rewarding feeling in the world. At first, it can be a little overwhelming. If you are a new mommy or an expectant mother, this eBook will be of great service to you. It will lead you through some of the most difficult times of early motherhood and teach you methods of dealing with the stress and other factors that a child adds to your home.

Having a child is the best event of life. Being a parent can be hard to do if you have no idea where to start. If you plan on having a baby or are considering trying, you should take the time to thoroughly read this eBook. You will be overloaded with parenting tips and information about what having a baby can do to you, physically and mentally.

Most people are unaware of the differences that a baby makes on the female body. You will be warned during this eBook. Women are by far the stronger of the two humans. Men do not have the strength that it takes to have a baby and that is why God made women. He knew that Adam would not be able to handle the pain so he sent Eve to do the dirty work.

After you have finished this eBook, you will be well prepared for anything and everything that a newborn child may throw at you. Once you figure out what a child needs and wants, the rest is a piece of cake. That’s what many people make the mistake of thinking. They think that parenting will be easy if you know enough stuff. No matter how much you know, it will never be as easy as you hope. It will be hard but you can make it easier on yourself if you do some research before you decide to get pregnant or before the baby is born. Having a baby is the biggest blessing on the planet but it can seem much harder than it is without figuring out some helpful hints that will help you get through the roughest of times.

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