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Videos are popular formats to exploit right now. Third-party video publishers like YouTube already have a large audience of people who want to explore new content in video format. Posting segments of a video there can be a great way to attract an instant audience.

In the same way, you can grab a lot of traffic from article marketing. That’s a practice whereby you write numerous articles for article directories that already have a large audience. At the end, you are allowed to list a couple of links in your resource box, and that’s where you can add links to your offers or to your website. Even though you may have to put a small portion of your content out for free, the return on your investment is a highly targeted marketing practice that brings in a whole lot more traffic to your sites and offers.

There are some techniques to get you more exposure quickly. For article marketing, you should be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. By using keywords that are highly searched and not too competitively used by other marketers, you can get a higher ranking on the search engines for the content you add to a site. This, in turn, creates the possibility that more people will find your content via the major search engines, as well as the article directory in which you post.

Promotion of your online content is extremely important when you are marketing infoproducts or trying to instigate a viral marketing campaign. Luckily, on the Internet, promotion is not hard to do at all. Along with placing your content on multiple article directories (if you are doing article marketing), you can also go to highly rated blogs that allow comments and use them to drive traffic to that article by leaving a comment. Other ways to promote your content include adding it to social news sites and search engines like and StumbleUpon (now Lastly, if you are on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and have hundreds or thousands of followers or friends, be sure to let them know when you post a new article, video, or audio file so they can take a look at it and rate it. Be sure to ask them to rate the content so that you climb higher in the popularity ranking of that site. This will also increase the probability that your content will go viral.

Orders And Delivery 24X7

Why is New York so famous? It’s the “city that never sleeps at night,” that’s why. Everyone knows that no matter what you want, no matter what time of day or night, there is someone selling that, and all you have to do is to show up and place your order. People demand in this age of instant gratification the ability to do just that no matter what they’re buying, and infoproducts make that demand possible.

Infoproducts are ideal products in that the entire process of order taking and delivery can be automated, with no human intervention at all. Even when your customer is in Taiwan, halfway around the world, they can still log in, find your site, and download a copy of your latest ebook bestseller: “Tales Of An Insomniac.” Your customer is happy they have something new to read, and you get to sleep soundly through it all.

When you first start to deliver infoproducts, you will want to design a system whereby you have a series of autoresponders and scripts taking orders and delivering the products to the registered email address given to you by the customer. If you don’t know how to do that, then buy a solution that will allow you to do that from the start. If you are just getting started, taking one or two orders in the morning after they are made is not going to be a hassle for you, but it will be a hassle for your customer. Now, imagine that 100s of people ordered your product while you slept. Upon awakening, are you going to spend the entire day manually sending everyone his/her product? It may take a few days if that’s the system you are thinking of implementing. In this day and age of automation, it’s really not necessary either. Just a small investment in a software package or script that can automate delivery is going to make your business more efficient, please the heck out of your customers, and give you fewer headaches down the line.

If you want to get off on the right foot, try a product like Delavo TM and set up a system that will be reliable whether you only have 10 customers or thousands of customers. Otherwise, you can get free scripts that will help you to automate your processes, but you may find that as your business grows, you will have to change or add new scripts to handle even more functions that require your immediate attention.

Creating Novelty And Excitement

Infoproducts are one of the easiest ways to create a sense of novelty and excitement about your product offerings. Unlike a physical product that might have to be manufactured in several different colors and have multiple manufacturing processes to just add a few new features, infoproducts can be as varied and as interesting as your imagination allows.

For instance, say you want to appeal to a demographic that likes to be challenged by word puzzles and the like. You can create online word puzzles that people can subscribe to as a member to access online. Or you can use these types of infoproducts to spur excitement for an ebook you’ve just written on: “Helping Your Kids Score Better On Standardized Tests.” Either way, as you can see, there is no reason why you can’t take a number of differently formatted infoproducts and use them to create online campaigns that are new and exciting for people to participate in and to eventually buy your online products.

In addition, you can take any subject that is of major interest to your readers and spin off any number of infoproducts from that one theme. Are your readers worried about how to survive this recession? Have a video collection showing urban gardening to save money on groceries. Sell an ebook on investing in tough economic times. Maybe they want to know how to capitalize on foreclosures in their area? As long as you have the imagination and the foresight to understand what information people want and will pay for, you can make a very good living creating and selling timely infoproducts online.

The sweetest part of this whole deal is that it doesn’t require any inventory, no renting out space, no shipping costs either. The field of infoproducts is genuinely only limited by the imagination you use to help disseminate information that people want to know now.

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