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Table Of Contents

Introduction 3
Why Do Marriages Fail? 5
Is Your Marriage In Trouble? 11
Starting Down the Road to Romance 13
Paving the Road to Romance 17
Thinking for a Healthy Marriage 21
Living For Your Marriage 23
Even More Ways to Reconnect 30
Advice For the Romantically
Challenged 35
Romantic Things You Can Do 37
Fighting Fair 40
Here’s What You Can Do 43
Great Ways to Spoil Your Spouse 44
Massage Can Make the Difference 49
Conclusion 58

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Remember back to your wedding day. I’m not talking about just the ceremony and reception. I want you to remember how you felt. Think back to looking into the eyes of your intended spouse and how happy you were. Your marriage was going to last forever. You were sure of that much.

Because this man or woman made you feel so special. Maybe your new husband was the most romantic guy you had ever met. Maybe your new wife was one of the most incredible people you had ever met. Both of you knew that this was a marriage that would work. Your life would always be as magical as it was in the very beginning.

You spent the first few months of your life settling in as a married couple. Perhaps you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other and made those around you roll their eyes as they watched your PDA with envy. But you didn’t care – you were in love!

And then, reality sets in. You start to notice little things about your true love that drive you crazy. You think you can deal with it, and maybe you can for awhile. But then, you start to pull away just a little bit. You still love him or her, but it’s just not the same.

You start to take each other for granted. After all, you’re married – that’s part of married life, isn’t it? Then you wake up one morning and look over at your love. You wonder what happened to that fire – that amazing desire that couldn’t be controlled. Why don’t you feel like you did on your honeymoon?

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