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Checklist 5 – Radio And TV Advertising


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This era is very modern; everyone uses the internet and browses on countless websites daily. Just like all other website owners, you have created your site, and now you’re thinking of ways to promote it. Are you worried about how to get leads and promote your site? Are you looking for lead sources to get your company on track? No doubt, internet users are larger in number, but instead of social media and ads, you can get leads via television and radio also. Here is how:


1 First, plan and negotiate your contract with Radio Company. 2 If you are planning on buying ROS (run of station commercials), you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to get your site promoted:

Make a contract:

3 Ask your radio station about the cost of advertisement and make a contract with them.

4 Now, ask the station for additional spots without cost.

5 Now, if they don’t agree with it, ask for more desirable day parts for your

Checklist 5 – Radio And TV Advertising



6 And if they don’t agree on this too, it’s time for you to ask for free billboards like micro commercials.

Give them the content that you want to be advertised:

7 After making a contract with the radio company, it’s time for you to give them their content, for which they’ll make commercial ads.

8 The final step is to pay them for whatever duration you’ve chosen for your company’s Ads. You’ll start getting leads eventually.

9 Don’t forget to add authentic and catching content in your ads.


10 First of all, set your marketing goals.

11 Then identify the expected percentage of leads and customers you’ll be getting through TV ads.

12 Now, make an agreement with the TV company for your product’s broadcast.

Checklist 5 – Radio And TV Advertising Notes

13 After this set a duration for your ad to run on TV channels

14 This next step is very crucial to decide whether you’re getting leads from TV or not. , choose a one month plan for your advertisement.

15 Now, calculate the performance and ROI by creating a landing page that has been mentioned in the ad and track how many customers have approached it.

16 After all this, develop a conversion path for the prospects on your landing page. This will allow customers to get an option to buy your product from the landing page.

17 Create a form for your landing page that will be filled by your customer and then use it to take your customers to buy options.

18 After this step, your customers will buy your product, and your site will be getting more leads than before.

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