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Table Of Contents

Introduction 4
Chapter 1: Hypnosis: Fact or Fraud? 6
What’s Cool, What’s Hot; What’s True, What’s Not in Hypnosis
Chapter 2: Can You Hypnotize Me to Believe in It? 13
Definition and Terminology
Chapter 3: Words of Caution 18
Dangers of hypnotism
Chapter 4: Hypnosis throughout History 20
Historical view of hypnosis, from the ancient times to the contemporary world
Chapter 5: Can Hypnosis Blast Me to The Past? 26
Age regression, past life travel, hypnotherapy, etc: uses of hypnotism
Chapter 6: Now Showing 32
Hypnosis as entertainment: secrets of stage hypnotists revealed
Chapter 7: Self-Hypnosis Power 36
Do-it-yourself, at-home hypnosis
Chapter 8: Common Techniques in Hypnosis 44
Popular methods to effectively hypnotize subjects
Chapter 9: Signs 46
How to determine if the subject is ready for suggestion
Chapter 10: Do Unto Others 48
Hypnotize others to be sexier, richer, and happier
Conclusion 54

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“You are completely relaxed… you feel warm and comfortable … you feel you really need to close your eyes and sleep… your eyelids are getting heavy… heavier… and heavier… slowly, you close them… now they are closed… you are getting sleepier…. and sleepier…. you are going to SLEEP…… deeper and deeper asleep… SLEEP!”

Many of us are familiar with this scene: A bizarre-looking man holds a clock pendant and continuously, determinedly swings it in front of a vulnerable, lost-looking young woman. He utters the phrase repeatedly, in slower and lower intonation: “You’re getting sleepy… You’re getting sleepy…” The girl stares blankly into the clock. The world turns and swirls around her, spiraling and spiraling. Then eventually, she starts to act like (a) a zombie, (b) a vamp, (c) a chicken, or (d) all of the above simultaneously.

Thanks to popular culture, hypnotism has achieved an eerie, mystical, otherworldly and sometimes evil reputation. While the scenario illustrated above may have a little ring of truth to it (Hypnosis using verbal suggestion is powerful; and people under hypnosis can be made to believe and therefore act as a different identity), there is certainly a lot more than meets the eye about hypnotism.

Doubtless one of the most intriguing – yet also one of the most bewildering – topics to come across man, hypnotism transcends boundaries as it continues to be studied, analyzed, and interpreted in diverse fields of wisdom. From medicine, psychology, new age, self-help, religion, history, media and popular culture, hypnotism is accorded with different meanings, interpretations, and uses: the conclusions never final, the reports ever-evolving.

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