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Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction                                    pg 4

Chapter 1: What Is Mystery Shopping?                                          6

Chapter 2:  Can I Really Make Money With Mystery Shopping?       10

Chapter 3:  Is Mystery Shopping The Right Business For You?        14

Chapter 4:  Getting Started:  Tools For Mystery Shopping           17

Chapter 5:  Getting Started:  Finding Companies To Shop With      19

Chapter 6:  Network Locally For Mystery Shopping                          23

Chapter 7:  Apply For Mystery Shops                             26

Chapter 8:  Mystery Shopping Certifications Needs                        34

Chapter 9:  Staying Under Cover Successfully                               38

Chapter 10:  Keeping Track Of Your Mystery Shopping Business      41

Chapter 11:  Tips & Tricks To Mystery Shopping Business Success   46

Conclusion                                                                                   50

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Mystery shopping is a key service that is vitally needed.  But, is this the right business for you to get into? Although there are many people that think that mystery shopping is somehow a scam, it is actually a very real and very profitable way to do the thing that you love the most:  shop.  Yet, because this is not necessarily a job but a business, you do need to put your best foot forward and you will need to do some work to get started.

Those that wish to invest in expensive programs really do not realize the key benefits to mystery shopping.  There is one trick of the trade that you should know about.  That is that just about all that you need to do and learn can be found right on the web.  You will learn just about everything that you need right here.  In fact, this e-book is full of all of the necessary tricks and tips to get started earning a very good salary right from the start.

But, before you rush off thinking that you know all that you need to, it is important to tell you that certain things will limit what you can earn as well as how you can earn it.

• You will earn more if you live in or are willing to drive to larger cities where there are more businesses located.
• You will earn more if you invest time in applying at many companies (which we will talk about more later.)
• You will earn more if you are willing to do more types of mystery shops and are not limited by what foods or places that you like to shop.
• You will earn more if you stay on task, do a great job, follow all instructions to the T and keep all of your information organized.
• You will earn more if you take full advantage of the tips and tricks that we will provide for you right here.

Mystery shopping is a very real business and one that is fundamentally responsible for many of the decisions that a business will make in their customer service programs.  Remember that this is not about a power trip, nor is it about you correcting things that you do not like about the company.  Rather it is about …

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