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Spoof emails – (fake emails) nowadays are a really big problem with anybody with an email account!

Nobody is safe from the nasty cheaters and thief’s out there. It is spam email in the worst way out to get you and take your personal information and steal you blind.

But with the knowledge from this book you can defend yourself and not get taken.

I want to show you what kind of spoof emails to look for and also give you information on eBay, PayPal and what they say to do about these emails. By the way eBay and PayPal are the most common ones you will receive even if you don’t have accounts with them.

PayPal is a merchant account own by eBay which is an online auction site. Most buyers use PayPal for payment on eBay. Which is secured for payment and faster.

Others I have seen are with credit and bank accounts.

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