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Introduction Page 4
How to Dramatically Increase Your Targeted Web Site Traffic Page 5
How to Generate Traffic Using Free Methods Only Page 7
How to Use a Tell-A-Friend Script to Drive Traffic Page 10
Internet Marketing – Drive Traffic to Your Site with Content Page 13
Common Search Engine Mistakes Page 15
That Internet Marketers Should Avoid
What Next? Page 17

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For everyone who runs a website, traffic is the lifeblood of their business.

Unfortunately most websites find it a constant struggle to generate enough traffic to see consistent profits. This report was written to give you tips, tricks and techniques to overcome this hurdle in your business.

The key of course is to generate targeted traffic. That is, traffic that is ready, willing and able to buy. That doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily buy on their first visit, but they will be more likely to join your mailing list, request more information or return later to make a purchase.

When developing website traffic strategy, it’s important that you consider ways to generate new traffic, as well as get existing customers to return. Remember, the least expensive customer to get is the one who has already purchased from you. Since they already know and trust you they’ll be more likely to purchase again (and again and again!)

The tips included in this report are a combination of techniques for attracting new visitors as well as encouraging customers to return on a regular basis.

I hope you will enjoy my special report, How to Skyrocket Your Targeted Website Traffic in 7 Days. Now, let’s get started generating traffic.

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