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With the digital technology age we live in, it has become much easier for music to be made without professional studio’s and equipment, no longer do you need special skills, you don’t even need to be able to play an instrument, we live in a time where everybody and their sister can and does make music.

Which brings me to the point of songs, because you made some music doesn’t mean you got a hit that record companies will be rushing to take from you, you’ve probably heard record labels saying “we don’t know what where looking for, but will recognize it when we hear it”, which doesn’t help you as the artist(s).

The truth of the matter is that 95% of music out there is taken originally from some other talented and gifted musician, in fact it is recycled ideas. Challenge yourself; you need to write your own material! Talent scouts in this business hear hundreds of mediocre songs every week; you need to make your song(s) stand out from the rest.

With a well written song it will pass the test of time, you may not even sing the song yourself, but it can still be a song that is in demand for years. If someone re-sings your song you will collect royalties on this which can’t be a bad thing, so the key is to have good original lyrics.

One of the most difficult tasks in song writing – is getting started! But it’s also one of the most important, because if you start well you’ll have less trouble down the line. If you get past this point, the song tends to dictate where it wants to go; you just have to keep it on the right path.

Start your song with a title that appeals to you. Make sure it’s a title that rings true to your ears.


One of the curious developments of the late 70’s was the increase of garage bands, punk rock bands, and do it yourself bands, who just picked up an instrument or started to sing with some friends, and 6 months later recorded a record and began playing live gigs.

Some new great music and directions in music came out of that situation. But now years down the line the novelty of making amateurish music has lost it shine.

The music that is the corner stone of the music industry you will find is often played by musician with a passion and respect for the old masters of Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Folk Legends, and Rock, along with the songwriters or whatever inspired these musicians to take this path, you don’t need to just play or sing you need to have the passion to always want to improve, you need to challenge yourself at all times to become a better and greater musician, never give up learning, fine tune your skills and then demand more from yourself.

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