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After our family, nothing comes closer to stroking our heartstrings than our pets.   Both felines and canines are the favorites for most folks.  But for our discussion today, we are going to help you determine whether you have a healthy dog.

“Fido” can’t speak for himself and relies on you to be his eyes and ears for everything in his or her world.  That means everything from what is the best diet to reading the signs of illness.

In How to Have a Healthy Dog you will find answers to the questions that your pet isn’t able to ask.  Hopefully our input will create a long and healthy life for your revered pet.  Let’s get started!

Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Constant scratching, tail-chasing, coughing and wheezing, eye and nose discharges – if these symptoms can be observed on your pet dog, chances are very likely that he/she is suffering from allergies.

Yes, dogs, just like their masters can suffer from allergies. Roughly about 20 percent of the dogs living in our homes suffer from some allergy type. Major classifications of canine allergies are atopic dermatitis, flea allergy, food allergy and inhalant allergy.

Atopic Dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis is skin allergy disease caused by hypersensitivity developed by your dog’s immune system to several and very common substances like molds and dust mites.

If your dog scratches and licks himself very often (particularly licking and chewing the paws, abdomen and legs), and his/her ears are hot to the touch, he/she may be suffering from atopic dermatitis.

The Best Toys for Your Dog…

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