How to Get The Most Out of Your iPod Plr Ebook

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Ebook Table Of Contents

Introduction    5

What is the iPod?    9

These things SELL!    10
Look and Feel    11
Battery    13
Which iPod Should you Buy?    14
The iPod Nano    15
Are you Right for the iPod?    17

iPod  Advantages    18

Size Does Matter!    20
The Shuffle Feature    21
Not Just for Music…    21
Multiple Language Supports    23
It Knows when You’re Listening…    25
Get Ready for the iPod Photo!    25

Using your iPod    26

The Remote    27
Car iPod?    27
Become a Sound Engineer!    29
Take a Memo…    29
Protect what you Love!    30

All about iTunes    30

The Magazine    32
The iTunes Store    32
Parental Supports    34
Cool iTunes Tips!    35
iTunes on your Cellular Phone    36

iTunes Shortcuts    36

Shortcut Category: Playback    38
Shortcut Category: Music Store    39
Shortcut Category: Help Menu    39
Shortcut Category: iPod    39
Shortcut Category: Library and Playlists    40
Shortcut Category: File and Window    41
Shortcut Category: File and Window (continued)    42
Shortcut Category: File Menu    42
Shortcut Category: File Menu (continued)    43
Shortcut Category: Advanced Menu    43
Shortcut Category: Visualizer Menu    44
Shortcut Category: Edit Menu    44
Shortcut Category: Edit Menu (continued)    45
Shortcut Category: Controls Menu    46

Conclusion    47

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Some of you reading this may remember something called the Sony Walkman.

Or, if you aren’t old enough to recall what those are, just ask your parents or an older brother or sister; and you’ll see this kind of pleasant, reflective smile cross their face.

You see, the Walkman was the coolest thing to come out of the early 1980s.  And if you had the fortune (or maybe the misfortune – really big hair was in back then) of living back then, you almost certainly owned one of these devices.

They were everywhere.  In airports.  On busses.  In malls.

Heck, even in cars you’d see kids in the back listening to their own thing, while the parents rocked out to the soothing, mellow driving tones of Perry Como or Dean Martin (which many kids at the time found intolerable; many still do).

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