How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard Resale Rights Ebook

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Jason is the new coach of a basketball team. His team has won many games since he has arrived to replace the previous coach.

The players are more at ease with him and more open to discuss any concern with him. Moreover, they have become more confident and motivated to play now that he’s leading the team.

Before he coached the team, they were on a losing streak. Now the team is on a hot streak and they may even have a chance to win the championship.

What is Jason’s secret?

Whenever one player does something nice, Jason gives him a good name to live up to. When a player makes good blocks or does a great job in rebounding, Jason will tell him, “Wow! Your rebounding and defense are very much like Kevin Garnett’s. Keep it up.”

When a player shoots consistently well, Jason will tell him, “Super! Your sweet moves rival those of Kobe Bryant. Wow!”

When his team wins, he’ll encourage them, “We will win one game at a time. We’ll win the championship, just like the LA Lakers did.”

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