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How businesses can benefit using Periscope.3
1) Periscope is an efficient communication and marketing tool.3
2) Efficient announcement tool….3
3) Periscope is a reliable and efficient customer service tool….4
4) Access to a large consumer base and an opportunity to reach a new market niche….5
5) Enables a business to carry out extensive feasibility studies to ascertain customer wants and preferences.5
6) Gives customers a candid insider peek into the behind the scenes operations of a business…..6

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1) Periscope is an efficient communication and marketing tool

Periscope offers small or medium enterprises operating on a tight budget an affordable and easily accessible means of reaching customers in a personal way. The current business market is highly competitive no matter the industry you specialize in. It is therefore essential to be in constant touch with your customer so as to have a chance at retaining their interest in the products or services that a business offers. Through periscope a small business is able to advertise and market freely. This significantly cuts down on expenses as marketing is an expensive venture for any business particularly start-ups running on a shoe string budget.

2) Efficient announcement tool

Periscope is an effective way of making press Can Benefit How Business Periscope releases or general a n n o u n c e m e n t s concerning the unveiling or launch of new products or an improvement or change made on already existing products or services. An added advantage of using periscope for press releases is that unlike social media platforms your clients and prospective customers receive the information in real time.

3) Periscope is a reliable and efficient customer service tool

Periscope enables real time engagement and this makes it an adequate channel that through which customers can issue complaints and have them addressed immediately. Customers trust a company that listens to their issues and responds promptly. Customer care is the most efficient way to counter competition. Other customer service initiatives that can be achieved through the use of periscope include;

I. Provide tutorials for customers Periscope enables small and medium sized enterprises to give customers quick tutorial on how to use their products. All a business has to do is make the tutorials simple, entertaining and captivating enough to grab and retain the interest of existent clients and prospective customers.

II. Provide consumers with detailed product information A small business has to compete with many other enterprises some established with professionally designed websites that detail all their products. Periscope gives small and medium sized enterprises a affordable way to inform their customers of everything concerning their products in an interactive interface.

III. Live group support A small business needs to address the queries and issues of its customers promptly otherwise these customers will opt to purchase the products of more established brands. Periscope enables customers to make these issues known to the Periscope Can Benefit How Business business and they receive quick solutions. This makes customers feel valued

IV. Webinars Physical seminars organized in a single location are neither a viable nor a realistic arrangement as customers are too busy and a small business cannot afford such an expensive business venture.

Periscope enables a small or medium sized company to hold regular webinars where customers can effectively interact both with each other and with the business. This not only gives the business an idea of consumer concerns but also makes the consumers feel like they are a vital part of the business hence building consumer loyalty.

4) Access to a large consumer base and an opportunity to reach a new market niche

The internet is full of prospective customers who are in need of a product and look out for a trustworthy brand they can rely on. Periscope is linked to Twitter therefore through it you can reach prospective customers on Twitter.

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