Hiit The 60 Second Fat Burner Personal Use Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How HIIT Can Transform Your Body 3
The History and Concept of HIIT . 3
How HIIT Works ……. 4
HIIT Guidelines . 4
When HIIT is Not for You ……. 5
Chapter 2: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced HIIT Levels …. 6
The HIIT Challenge for Beginners ……. 6
How to Rev Up Your HIIT Regimen to Intermediate Level. 7
Put the Finishing Touches on Your Dream Body with Advanced Level HIIT …… 7
Chapter 3: Aerobic and Anaerobic – What’s the Difference? . 8
Types and Benefits of Anaerobic Exercises ….. 8
Chapter 4: The HIIT Approach to Energy …… 10
What’s Oxygen Got to Do With It? …. 10
Chapter 5: The HIIT Approach to Weight Loss .. 11
Chapter 6: The HIIT Approach to Nutrition ……. 12
Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! … 12
Are Nutritional Supplements Really Necessary? 12
Chapter 7: HIIT Isn’t Easy…But It Isn’t Time Consuming Either . 14
Fitter, Firmer, Faster … 14
Adjusting HIIT Levels .. 14
Chapter 8: Benefits of HIIT to Your Overall Health . 16
Chapter 9: Which Type of HIIT Workout is Right for You? … 17
Chapter 10: Challenge Yourself with HIIT .. 19
What You Can Expect from 8-Weeks of HIIT Workouts … 19
Enjoy Life More with HIIT Workouts …… 20

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HIIT: The 60-Second Fat Burner

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is becoming the workout of choice for millions of professional athletes and those who like to keep in tip top shape, but lack the necessary time to devote to the gym. “HIIT: The 60-Second Fat Burner” is a guide to show you how HIIT can work to transform your own body effectively in the least amount of time.

Most of us are non-competitive individuals who want to get the most from the workouts/ There a many reasons we choose to realize health benefits, but usually the driver is to lose weight and have more energy. It’s also helpful if we don’t have to join a gym or spend a lot of money on gadgets and equipment.

HIIT is a training program which minimizes time and equipment. Many of us are busy with our personal or business commitments and have lifestyles which don’t lend themselves to spending hours in the gym.

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