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Table of Contents

1 Hen Night – Why is it celebrated? 4
2 Planning An Eventful Hen Night 6
3 Tips During the Event 8
4 Hen Night Forfeits and Challenges 10
5 Tips After the Event 12
6 How To Manage When If Something Goes Wrong With Planning
7 Interesting Themes for Hen night 17
Willy Theme
L Plate Theme
Pink Police Woman Theme
Police Women Theme
Angel Theme
Fallen Angel Theme
8 Tips To Pamper Yourself In Hen Night 19
Horse Racing
Male Stripper
Pole Dancing Lessons
9 Best Destinations For a Memorable Hen Night 20
Conclusion 22

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Chapter 1: Hen Night – Why is it celebrated? Hen night is actually the hen party that is also known as the bachelorette party, which is basically a party that is held for a woman, who is about to be get into the wedlock. The term ‘hen night’ or ‘hen party’ is more widely used in Ireland, UK, and Australia, whereas the term bachelorette party is popular in the United States. In Canada, it is known as stagette, and in some parts of South Africa it is also called kitchen tea or girls’ night out.

No matter what the term be applied to refer to the party, the essence remains the same and it is basically a female version of the bachelor party, which is widely known as a dinner party that is given by the bridegroom, to his friends just before his wedding. Notwithstanding its status as “a saturated farewell to the good old bachelor days” or “an evening of sin,” a bachelorettes party is a typical party, which is given in honor of the girl who is the bride-to-be.

It is believed that even though the system of throwing a party to honor the bride-to-be has the history that roots back to centuries. However in its modern type, the bachelorette party could have its origins from the emergence of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. This concept was quite uncommon until the mid-1980s, and the very first book on the planning of bachelorette parties was published only by 1998. The cultural implication of this celebration is largely tied to the concepts of gender equality. As compared to bridal shower that helps the bride-to-be get dowry or possessions and reinforces the customary gender roles. The hen night party is an expression that indicates the social and sexual freedom.

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