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Pay-per-Click Advertising 

By far, pay per click (PPC) ads via Facebook, Google AdWords, and LinkedIn are the fastest way to start sending people to your funnel and content.

Social media platforms make it easy to target clients who are ideal for you and your coaching business. Facebook is especially affective. For the simple reason their platform has built in demographic, interest, and behavior-based targeting abilities.

However, keep in mind that testing different types of ads in your campaigns is key to turning your advertising into profitable undertakings.

Strategic Partnerships 

Developing a profitable and mutually benefitting partnership is dependent upon you finding a partner who provides a product or service that complements yours.

A strategic partner is not your competition, for the simple reason you both share the same target audience.

Expert Positioning

One of the very best ways to be seen as an expert in your particular area of expertise is for you to post highly valuable content your audience finds irresistible.

You can create a great deal of buzz with blog posts, videos, and social media posts. In fact, once your content begins to attract attention due to folks sharing it, it won’t too long before your content goes viral.

Your third step involves…

The Creation of an Automated Selling System

In order to generate leads, the first portion of your sales funnel should be a landing page.

A landing page can serve as a valuable and very effective incentive that attracts visitors to sign up to your email list. You can accomplish this via:

An email autoresponder series
A video series
A webinar
Email autoresponders and a video series are excellent communication vehicles.
These communications are critical seeing the goal is to convert a visitor from someone who is “interested” up to a motivated buyer.
These communications will also help you build and maintain a lasting relationship with your audience.
Webinars are also a superb way to establish yourself as a business expert of choice while building trust between your audience and you.
If your revenue target is to generate an income of $1,000,000 per year, this amounts to $83,000 per month.
A great way to achieve your income goal is for you to create a 90-day transformation package.
For example, if your package is sold for $5,000, you’ll only need to sell 16 of them each month in order to reach your goal.
If done the right way, your automated sales system will generate a reliable stream of income for you, month after month and year after year.

Automating the Delivery of Your Package

Did you know you can package your expertise and deliver it to your clients in an automated fashion, saving you loads of time and effort, and best of all, maximizing your revenue?

Well in fact you can, and here’s how:

The easiest way to do this is via a membership website.
The best way for you to do this is to turn your business expertise into an online teaching course that you make available in lesson form.
You then post your ‘password protected lessons’ at predesignated times onto the ‘membership’ only portion of your website, which is available only to clients who have prepaid you for this content.
Prior to going this route, you’ll have to decide on an ideal format to use with your material.

For instance, will your lessons be available in the form of:

Or will it be made available in all of the above forms?
An ideal length of time for an online business consulting course is12 weeks.
When you break your course down into 12 parts, you upload (or give access to) one new lesson each week for 12-weeks.
This type of set-up can easily be managed and administered also through email, or as we previously talked about, a membership site.
Keep in mind it’s important you organize and schedule your lessons in a way that progressively builds upon each previous lesson.
In the beginning when everything is being set-up, is when you’ll invest a great deal of time and effort, but once your everything is up and running, you’ll be able to sit back and concentrate for the most part on overseeing and administrating your business.
The good news is, you will have an automated, hands-off income stream.

This will leave you with the time and energy to concentrate on building other areas of your business into profit centers, or free you up to spend more time with family and friends.

Ensure the Growth of Your Business by Following These Steps

1. Don’t Focus on Acquiring a Large Audience

Having a large social media audience in not a prerequisite for success, by any means. Numerous others have poured a great deal of time and resources attempting to build a larger and larger list, only to discover they never achieve the level of fame and success as the folks they are following do.

From a practical standpoint, those who are well-known will tell you, the best way to grow your list of followers is follow the steps as laid out in this report. The things you are learning here are the steps that lead to success.

The trick is to acquire a solid, core audience and then to be highly engaged with them, which will result in them spreading around the word about you.

If you are seen as someone who cares… your audience will share!

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