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Being able to promote your content is the best way to grow your audience. Promotion runs two ways; first promoting your content through Instagram Guides, and second, promoting your Guide.

Using the product Guide, you will be able to create insights into the product that you are selling on Instagram. Often people do want to know more about a product before committing to buying, see creating a Guide to your products is a great way to show your audience more. It could be the difference between a sale and not. Anything you do to help make your products is good and will help you grow your audience. It will also assist in the growth of your business, and translating views into sales.

If your business has a physical location using the place Guide is a great way to show it off. You can create a Guide into many different elements of your business; it can be an effective way of communicating to your audience what your brand is all about. You can share informative content about elements of your business, and create an easy way for your audience to share your brand with their friends and family.

By including your post in the “posts” Guide, you are effectively promoting that content, too. Whether your Guides are comprised entirely of your own posts, or you are creating a compilation of many user’s posts; having your own post in there is a promotion of your content. The same goes for if your post is included in another user’s Guide—it is an easy promotion of your content.

These three kinds of Guides; products, places, and posts, all have different, yet effective implications for growing your audience and business.

As for the promotion of the Instagram Guide itself, there are several avenues you can take.

Primarily, though, you will be relying on shares. You should share your posts to your story and also encourage your audience to do the same. Eventually, Instagram Guides will show up on the explore page, but until then you need to promote them organically.

Promoting your general content, too, will also subsequently promote your Guides. Using hashtags add location geotags on your standard feed post is a fantastic way to do this. Leave a reference in your caption to your Guide to direct your audience over to your profile and onto the Guide.

For example, implementing sponsored posts is a great way to reach new audience members. Instagram ads are going to be particularly useful if you either have a shop on Instagram or a business with a physical location.

In essence, you need to be able to promote your content and that means all kinds of your content. Getting people to your profile should be the first step, and then having such high-quality content that your audience cannot resist hitting the follow button. It should be easy and clear on your profile to see exactly what your business is all about, which leads us into branding.

3: Expert branding

Creating Instagram Guides is a great way to further your branding which will help you to grow your business. Branding is essential to growth.

Effectively, branding is the perception that your audience has of your business. Your brand needs to consider the needs and wants of your target audience and it needs to be appropriate for your content. Branding strategies usually involve raising brand awareness, gaining brand recognition, and, finally, achieving brand loyalty. Instagram Guides will add a new dimension to your brand.

Instagram Guides are a way to market yourself as an expert; one of the fundamental pillars of marketing and branding. Your audience needs to trust you and they need to believe that you are a credible source of information. Given all the scam and spam accounts that are out there, you need to do anything you can to ensure that your audience believes that you are real and relevant.

You should also ensure that your account is set up as a business profile. This adds a level of professionalism. In social media, appearances are everything, so you should take all opportunities to showcase your brand.

This will help you grow because only brands succeed. Random business accounts get lost in the clutter and forgotten about. Branding is pivotal to growth; it helps with clarity and professionalism.

4: Depth to your posts

Instagram Guides are a great way to add a level of depth to your posts. You are able to expand on your content and add more detail to themes that you have already shared on your feed.

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