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2. Create Custom Graphics For Clients From Fiverr. You can create a Fiverr profile and start selling your graphic design service there. As you probably know, fiverr is a markeplace for people who are selling there service from a price as low as 5$. One of the most popular niches on Fiverr is Graphic Design so the market and opportunity is HUGE.

There are people who are making 4 and 5 figures per month by selling on Fiverr and even if you are starting out with a service which costs only 5$ you can offer extra services to your clients for much more money. The only secret here is to manage to grow your Fiverr account and profile and in order to do that you need to get some initial tractions with some orders and reviews.

3. Work As A Freelancer. I think that most designers work as freelancers. The main characteristic of a freelancer is that he works on projects for different clients. It’s not like having a stable job or income but it gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how much you can earn and when and how much you want to work. The whole idea of starting out as a freelancer with graphic design is to get on all major freelancing platforms (,,etc.), start with smaller prices, try to get some small projects through the platforms with the help of friends or your network so you can start to have activity there and than, as you start having activity and reviews you can increase your prices, charge more and earn more. Obviously you can’t go for projects which are to big or which require natural designer talent or skills as you will be using web apps and templates to create your designs. Try to find your niche and stick with it.

4. Create standard resources or packages and sell them on marketplaces like Of course that this is not the easiest method if you are not a professional designer but still it can bring in some extra cash. Not everyone is selling premium wordrpress templates or business cards in psd format. You can have a look on the marketplaces and see what simple designes you can create and sell them there. A good example that I’ve seen on different platforms are Facebook Covers. Yes, you could think that people wouldn’t buy something like Facebook Covers but there are resources like that who have sold over 1300 copies at 2,5$ so far. So, it’s definiteley something worth checking out and testing.

5. Create Facebook Ads Images for clients. Most free design web apps like Canva, also have a huge library of templates for Facebook Ads Images. A lot of entrepreneurs and marketers don’t have the time to create their own images so in a lot of cases they outsource the image creation for 15$ to up to 35$ or even more. You can sell such a service on Fiverr or in other places like If you use a marketplace be sure to get those initial reviews so you can get a little bit of traction.

6. Start an affiliate marketing business with design products. This one takes a little bit longer but once you set it up it can be a very good source of passive income for you. You have to buy a good domain name and hosting to set up a website. Than you have to create a set of designs that you give out for FREE to your visitors to get on your email list. Obviously the crucial part here is to drive traffic to your site using social media, search traffic and even PPC if you can afford a budget for that. Once you get enough people on your list you can start promoting to them graphic products at which you earn a comission as an affiliate if anyone from your list buys.

7. Sell Packages Of Viral Quotes Images. You don’t believe that can work? Check out the web, it’s full of these packages and they sell like crazy. People know that these images work like magic for building communities on social media, especially in places like Instagram so they need a large quantity of them for their daily posts. You can be the one who sells them these images. It’s not like they couldn’t do them themselves, it’s just that it takes some time and people either don’t want to lose time with them or don’t have the patience to create them.

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