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Table of Contents

Introduction ….. 5
Chapter 1: Setting Goals That You Will be Passionate About … 8
Create a Mission Statement . 10
Tips for Creating Your Own Statement and Being True to Yourself … 13
Chapter 2: The Power of Visualizing Your Goals … 17
What is Visualization? And How it Helps With CBT and The Law of Attraction 18
More Practical Uses for Visualization ….. 20
Chapter 3: Prioritizing and Setting Your Goals 22
The Problem With Goal Setting .. 23
Creating Three Goals and Going After Them ….. 25
Choosing Three Goals … 27
Chapter 4: Staying Committed … 29
The Power of Passion …. 31
How to Stimulate and Embrace Your Desires …. 33
More Tips for Staying Committed ….. 36
Chapter 5: The Importance of Accountability and Using the Help of Others 40
Should You Share Your Goals? . 41
Embrace the Fear …. 42
Creating a Movement 43
Chapter 6: Making the Lifestyle Transition . 45
What is Lifestyle Design . 46
Chapter 7: Invest in You – Read, Read, Read … 48
The Power of Reading … 49
Some Great Books to Get You Started …. 50
Chapter 8: How to Stay Motivated When You’re Met With Discouragement .. 53
Energy Management 54
Chapter 9: Keeping Your Goals Alive …. 56
Reviewing Your Goals …. 57
Chapter 10: Conclusion and Making Your Action Plan 58
Appreciation . 60

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Important Caveats

While you’re doing this, you might find that you end up going to some strange places. You might not be looking at the kind of career you always imagined and you might be worried that people would question your choices.

Perhaps the mission statement you’ve set for yourself is overly grandiose. Maybe it’s not grandiose enough! Maybe you’re worried people will laugh, or they will look down their noses at you.

But this means you’re going about it the right way. Think about the most accomplished and successful people in the world. They were all revolutionaries. They were all people who were willing to challenge the status quo.

And if you create a goal because you think it’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to want, then everything else we look at in this book will fall apart. The right goal and the right vision is going to motivate you from deep within. You’ll come alive when you talk about your passions and you’ll be filled with enthusiasm and charisma that will inspire others.

True passion is what makes leaders. It is what makes people wake up at the crack of dawn to train.

Becoming a lawyer to make your Mum happy and so that you’ll be richer than your neighbor does neither of those things. Be true to yourself and be honest.

Oh and while we’re at it, keep in mind that you don’t have to come up with a goal that revolves around your career. It is just as legitimate to come up with a goal that is focussed on your free time.

In fact, this is often a more successful way to come up with a mission statement and a goal. For example, if you’re someone who is interested in space, then why not take photos of space in your free time? Likewise, if you always wanted to be a rock star but upon writing your mission statement learned that you just want to share your music with the world, then why not create a YouTube channel where you share your music? You might eventually gain enough of a following to land a record deal but even if you don’t, at least you’re living the dream.

Often our dreams are much easier to accomplish than we realize but we get in our own way by thinking about what we should be doing rather than what we really want to do.

In many cases, the secret to achieving true success is to work less to create more time and space for you to focus on your passions. This is where ‘lifestyle design’ comes in – which we’ll look at later on in this book.

Chapter 2: The Power of Visualizing Your Goals

Visualization is something that can be somewhat controversial. Visualizing goals is one of the most common tips alongside ‘living your dreams’ but just like that statement, it’s a little over simplified.

Because according to research, visualization can actually reduce your likelihood of success in some instances. The reason for this is that when we visualize a goal, it can actually be demotivating. This makes us feel as though we have already accomplished whatever it is we’re setting out to achieve and it allows us to rest on our laurels that much more.

At the same time, visualizing can often be too abstract, too vague and too flaky to be of any real use. People who daydream about doing what they want – according to the science – often don’t actually make those goals a reality.

But that’s not to say that visualization is useless. It’s just a matter of understanding how to use it as a tool and how to not allow it to take over.

What is Visualization? And How it Helps With CBT and The Law of Attraction

Perhaps a good way to start would be by looking at precisely what visualization is. We’re going to look at that here, as well as at how visualization can actually be combined with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques in order to achieve even more powerful effects.

So visualization involves using your mind’s eye to picture the future you want to live. When you do this, what is actually happening, is that you are causing areas in your brain to fire as though you were really experiencing that thing.

When you picture walking through the woods for example, areas relating to movement will fire, as will areas in your visual cortex (V1). Of course they fire less than if that thing were actually happening but on the whole, the experience is very similar.

This therefore means that when you visualize something, your brain effectively thinks that it is already happening. And this is why visualization can be such a potent tool when it comes to confidence, to motivation and to sticking with a goal.

CBT is a school of psychology that revolves around attempting to change our thought processes in order to help us accomplish more. It means looking at limiting beliefs (‘I’ve never been very good’), challenging them with the evidence and then replacing them for more positive statements (‘I have a powerful skillset’). This helps make us more motivated and more likely to achieve our goals. But we can likewise accomplish the same with visualization, only now we’ll be able to visualize specific goals and feel like they’re already happening. When you visualize being a billionaire, your brain will temporarily feel as though you are a billionaire.

And if you believe this, even temporarily, then you’ll find your chances of actually becoming that thing increase thanks to the ‘law of attraction’. The law of attraction states that when we believe ourselves to be a certain way, we tend to become that thing because of the way it changes our presentation and our actions.

When you believe that you’re an incredibly savvy businessman or woman, you start to be more confident in interviews, you take more positive risks in investments and you walk taller. You’ll even dress more professionally and people will sit up and take notice of that – which will ultimately lead to you being more likely to get the promotions and the responsibility you need to thrive.

Visualize. Believe. And make it happen!

More Practical Uses for Visualization

The other practical use of visualization is in creating that mission statement. If you’ve had difficulty identifying the things that make you passionate, then try closing your eyes for a moment and visualizing your perfect future.

Imagine yourself 10-20 years from now. Where do you want to be? Where do you live? What’s your house like? Do you have a family? What is your job?

Some people will picture a quiet little cottage for them and their family. Some people will find themselves relaxing around a fire at Christmas playing boardgames with their children.

Others will picture themselves travelling the world.

Or they’ll see themselves in a professional looking suite, standing in a high rise building looking over the cityscape below.

Whatever the case, it is easy for most of us to conjure up the possible ideal future that would make us happiest. And it’s from this abstract set of ideas that we can then go about creating more concrete goals and strategies.

We can also draw on our memories for this. If you’re struggling to come up with a perfect future, then how about digging into your perfect past? What are your happiest memories? What were your proudest moments? By remembering this, you can identify the things that might make you happiest in future.

Another way to use visualization is in ‘counterfactual simulation’. This means imagining possible futures and thinking about all the things that you can do to make them happen, or avoid them going wrong. This is also a great way to test-run ideas for your future. Thinking about being a rock star? Then take a moment to consider what that would actually mean. Visualize it and go through each step: is it really for you? You would be in the public eye, you’d be rich, you’d be constantly travelling, it would be harder to have a family, you’d have to perform in front of thousands, people would consider you highly successful… There’s good and bad there depending on who you are, so actually picture that future, run it through in your mind, think of every contingency… and then decide if you still think that it is right for you!

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