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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Basics on Organization
Chapter 2:
Identify Where Your Organization Has Issues
Chapter 3:
How Organization Affects Your Life
Chapter 4:
What Makes Good Organization
Chapter 5:
What Makes Bad Organization
Chapter 6:
Tools for Better Organization
Chapter 7:
The Benefits of Organization
Chapter 8:
Staying Motivated For Maintaining Organization
Chapter 9:
Staying On Track
Chapter 10:
Making Resolutions for Organization

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Chapter 1: The Basics on Organization


Every person comes with a New Year’s resolution and one of these is about the ability to make things in order. Every person believes that if he or she will be organized in everything, he or she will become a better person.

Yes, that is correct but getting started with it will let a person face difficulties and challenges as he or she takes the journey towards becoming efficient when it comes to organization.

However, getting what you wanted will never be impossible if you know the basics. The following are the 4 primary organizing principles that could help you in regaining authority over your environment, your everyday schedule and of course, your life.

The Basics

Clearing Out the Mess

People suffer from the so-called “overload” which means too much obligations, excessive stuffs, too much details and many more. Clearing out the mess indicates that you have to get rid of anything which is not important to your life. Keep in mind that untidiness takes up time, energy, space and even your money without giving you any advantage. You will find clutter in various aspects of your life such as in relationships wherein some people are not giving support to your goals and they try to pull you down.

It also comes with finances involving inefficient spending patterns and in the physical space wherein you have some possessions that you don’t use. Clutter can also be found in schedule wherein there are interruptions that hold you back and it can also affect your emotions as you experience guilt, jealousy or you have unrealistic expectations. You have to create a plan on how you will clear them out one by one.

Allot a Space for All

Did you know the reason behind the physical clutter? Well, that is you don’t look for a place where you can put your stuffs. When you are already finished in using them, you have to keep them back to where they should be. Hence, you should provide a place where they must be stored. Why don’t you use neat containers and label them? The use of these materials will be the most ideal way to ensure that all materials you use are organized and kept properly. Likewise, you should keep in mind the following:

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