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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Gambling Won’t Fix Debt

Chapter 2: Why We Get Into Bad Gambling Habits

Chapter 3: What Occurs

Chapter 4: Abstention Or Command And The Journey

Chapter 5: Steps To Overcome The Habit

Wrapping Up

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Congratulations on taking this big step of reading this if this is your first book about stopping troubled gambling, if all the same like me, this is among several books you’ve read then well done once more, you know you’re becoming stronger.

The aim of this book is to be for both sexes, all ages, all colors, creeds and faiths. It matters not if you’re a adolescent that has got ‘carried away’, a middle aged woman who’s simply spent her life savings or a individual sitting in his prison cell doing a long stretch for a problem gambling related condemnable offence.

I’m not worried with whether the debt you discover yourself in is 1000, or one 1000000000000, our journey is more or less the same – you have to change.

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