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Table of Contents

Introduction To Web 3.0…………. 3
The Basics
Moving From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0…….. 4
Making The Move
The Characteristic Of Web 3.0…….. 5
The Features
Mechanics Of Web 3.0…. 6

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FUTURE OF THE WEB 2.0 to 3.0 done to create the ideal platform for the data to be put in a form that is not only accessible via natural language but can also be understood and interpreted by the software applications.

The Characteristic Of Web 3.0 Ideally meant to be a better and more feature friendly version the web 3.0 is fast proving it’s met in the IT industry. As a constantly evolving industry the web 3.0 is here to stay for at least the near future.

The Features Currently being used by Google, Amazon.com and eBay, these big players have yet to assume the role of becoming the dominant players as such.

There are currently also other participants such as WebEx, WebSideStory, NetSuite, Jamcracker, Rearden Commerce and Salesforce.com.

It should be noted that the web 3.0 isn’t just for shopping, entertainment and search facilitating, but is fast growing as the business computing convergence on the same fundamentals on demand architecture as the other consumer applications used.

The API services form the fundamental layer of offerings of the web 3.0 where the services were originally hosted in web 2.0 but now evolved further to accommodate the demands of web 3.0 instead.

This makes the web 3.0 a significant commodity layer within the online platform as the web 3.0 matures along with the growing demands on the services provided the end user will be able to enjoy many more beneficial features.

The Aggregation services which also form a layer within the platform offered to the user is where the profitable contributing angle if found for those using the web 3.0 for this optimal reason. Here some of the hassle of locating the entire raw API services in done by bundling the entire various connective element and compiling them into one ideal Characteristic presentation.

Application services are again another layer that provides the desired profits looked for within the new composite of application that bring functionality from multiple services to help the end user achieve the intended objectives in a comparatively flexible, intuitive and self evident manner.

Most users are excited at the prospect to being greeted with applications and discovering delightfully the delivery of the utilities that are new and little known but hugely beneficial to them.

Mechanics Of Web 3.0 With the various different contributing parties racing to provide the end users will the ultimate online experience the huge leaps and bounds being made towards enhancing any exercise connected to these platforms are constantly evolving. The web 3.0 or otherwise known as the semantic web makes applications like the web 2.0 seem rather ancient, though this is not to say the web 2.0 is now obsolete.

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