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Table of Contents

Introduction .. 3
Make Your Website Worth Visiting .. 4
Make attractive websites ….. 4
Make easily navigable websites …. 5
Use clear language and legible fonts while developing websites ……. 6
Offer something worthwhile that people might actually want to purchase …….. 6
Techniques Used to Attract First Time Visitors … 8
Optimize your website on Google 9
Webpage optimization on Bing and yahoo … 10
Use of the find and pull tactic ….. 11
Use of Viral Content Buzz… 11
Write and submit Ezine articles on one or all of the numerous Ezine article websites ……. 12
Add website to Chrome web store …… 14
Come up with a mobile phone version of the website … 15
Create a Windows or Android app for the website and publish it on Google Play Store ….. 16
Create a Windows or Android app for the website and publish it on Amazon Store . 17
Engage actively in social media … 18
Guest posting on high traffic websites 20
Always keep content of a website relevant and fresh …. 21
Become as case study for other websites in the same niche as your website … 22
Use of the slip stream drafting technique …. 23
Embed relevant links on email signatures …. 25
Summary ….. 27

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Legibility of website contents is an important aspect that determines the amount of traffic attracted by a particular website. Internet users have the tendency of appreciating websites whose writings are legible and language easy to understand. Whilst professionalism ought to be exhibited while developing the wordings of a website, the use of complex languages an terms might not be very friendly to most internet users. Therefore, web developers must always ensure that the language used on websites are easily understood by users of different calibers.

Grammar errors must be avoided by all means while trying to explain products and services on a website. Internet users always make first impression from merely reading the words on a website and any errors in grammar might make them have a negative opinion regarding the legitimacy of products or services being marketed. If any errors are detected, users may shun such websites and are less likely to recommend the sites to other users. Therefore, it is always important to proofread website contents before publicizing them. Offer something worthwhile that people might actually want to purchase
It is always important to carry out a comprehensive research in order to determine what internet users might actually want to purchase from the internet. This is always accompanied by wide research on buyer behavior, pull factors and customer decision making process. Additionally, being updated on the trending goods and services is an impeccable move of ensuring the one always offers what people really want to purchase. On most occasions, internet marketers fail to align their products or services to the market niche. Before launching products and services online, internet markets must ensure that they carry out extensive research in order to ascertain the demand for such goods and service over the internet.

When products and services offered on the internet have a high demand amongst internet users, the sites that promote such products are likely to have high traffic. This is because the only way internet users will access and purchase these products and services is by opening the sites and this alone amounts to traffic on the site. Internet users have the tendency to visit sites that are mostly visited by other users. People do not always want to associate themselves with sites that have nothing substantive to offer and hence has almost zero visitors coming to the site. The feeling is just like shopping from a supermarket. Shoppers will always prefer waiting in long queues in crowded supermarkets to shopping in less crowded supermarkets where they will not be required to queue before they are served. It is for this reason that it is important to ensure that products and services promoted on a site have a high demand amongst internet users.

Techniques Used to Attract First Time Visitors

Repeat and first time visitors of a website are both important as they all amount to the much desired traffic. Aside from ensuring that repeat visitors visit a website or blog page again and recommend the pages to other friend, making sure that a website is visited for the first time by an internet user is important. One ought to note that people are made aware of the existence of certain sites that might meet their varied expectations through a number of ways. The process of making a web page known to potential visitors is rigorous and requires patience and commitment. On most occasions, it is a gradual process whose fruits are not immediately seen. It is for this reason that most internet marketers terms internet marketing as a slow but sure process.

Internet marketers have since devised ingenious strategies of attracting massive traffic to their websites. As already noted here before, some of these are paid while others are not paid. It is noteworthy that the paid techniques of promoting a website with the intention of getting massive traffic on it are fruitful but quite expensive for most internet marketers. This is because of the fact that once the payments are made there is always little guarantee that the traffic that will be attracted will actually see the products and services on promotion as relevant to their varied needs and wants. It is for this reason that most internet marketers prefer the free techniques of promoting a website.

Quite a number of website promotion techniques have been tested over the years to ascertain their workability. According to internet marketers, some of these techniques have failed to yield the desired results while others have been successful in attracting massive traffic to websites. However, not every promotion technique works best for any internet markets who seeks to increase traffic to his or her website. Therefore, marketers always test different marketing strategies in order to identify the best strategy that yields maximum results depending on the intention of the marketing process and the target market. Some of the proven techniques used by internet marketers to make their web pages known to potential visitors are discussed below. Optimize your website on Google It is important to note that Google holds over 70 percent of the search engine market share as compared to other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. A greater percentage of internet users use Google as their primary search engine option. As a matter of fact, the terms search engine is used interchangeably with Google. This is an indication that most people perceive Google as the only search engine.

Optimizing a website in Google is a key strategy of ensuring that a website receives enormous traffic. When information is sought from Google using key words, list of results is displayed on the screen of either the computer or smart phone. These are always lists of websites that provide the information that is sought. One ought to note that there are thousands of sites that contain contents that are relevant to the key words used during searching. The ones that are commonly used are those that appear on the first page.

In this context, website optimization means making a website appear on the first page o Google. This is a great step in ensuring that internet users visit a specific site when they type its related key words. Nonetheless, competition is usually very high when it comes to website optimization on Google. Therefore, internet marketers must always ensure that they have great content in terms of products and services promoters and relevance. It is only through this that one can achieve to have his or her webpage appear on the first page of Google. Webpage optimization on Bing and yahoo

Despite the fact that Bing and yahoo might not have as much market share as compared to Google, optimizing a webpage on these search engines can also contribute significantly in brining massive traffic. In order to do this, there are a number of steps that web promoters ought to take. First, the webpage must be registered with Bing Webmaster tools before submitting the website. It is important to note that this process is always similar to the Google webmaster. This always followed by being active on both Twitter and Facebook. It is noteworthy that Bing and yahoo always take into close consideration the number of Facebook likes and Tweets to a page. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a website has as many likes as possible on Facebook and that it receives numerous tweets on Twitter for it to stand a chance of ranking higher on yahoo and Bing.

A website is expected to receive massive traffic in the event that it is optimized on Google, Bing and yahoo. The relatively few Bing and yahoo users should not be a cause of alarm because even the few matter. When optimization is done on only one search engine the traffic generated will not be as great as when all the search engines are included. A combination of traffic from these three major search engines should not, therefore, be taken for granted. They can result into a large number of internet users who visit a website on a daily basis. It is for this reason that internet marketers are advised not to ignore other minor search engines like yahoo and Bing because they have traffic as well; however insignificant the traffic might be as compared to Google.

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