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How to Drive Website Traffic from Free Offers

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by using free offers. No matter how much things may change on the internet, one thing stays the same -people love to get things for free!

This was true long before the time of the internet, when magazine, TV and direct mail marketers knew the power of free offers. This tactic is still used in offline marketing, of course, but the internet gives you many more ways to take advantage of this strategy. In this report, we’ll be exploring some of the many ways you can leverage the power of free offers, including:

*** Social Media

*** Videos

*** E-mail marketing

*** Paid advertising such as pay-per-click

*** Safe lists and traffic exchanges

*** Forums

Some of the above techniques may overlap, of course. But all of them can be part of your overall traffic generating strategy.

What to Give Away

Before you can start getting traffic from free offers, you need to figure out what you’re going to be giving people. This is one of the most important factors to consider, as this will often determine how successful you are.

Target Your Niche Carefully

While people do like to get free things, keep in mind that this is now a very widely used technique. There are millions of free offers on the internet eveiy day, so you have lots of competition. Since everyone has limited time, no one responds to every free offer they see. That’s why you have to form your offer with care.

If you’re not sure what you’re going to be giving away, start off by addressing an important issue, answering a question or solving a problem. Make it something that’s specific rather than too general.

If you’re in a niche related to health, for example, your target audience will have certain issues that are very important to them, whether it’s losing weight, curing acne or preventing hair loss. These are just some very popular examples, but there are hundreds of potential niches related to health.

Many marketing guides tell you that it’s important to solve a problem, and this is one approach. But you can also tempt people by offering them something desirable such as “6 pack abs” “more energy” or “how to look 10 years younger.” In other words, your product (whether it’s free or something you’re charging for) can be framed as either a solution or as something that will benefit the person in some way.

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