Forex Foundry: Master The Forex Secrets Of The Top Traders And Create Massive Wealth For Yourself Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
What Is Forex

Chapter 2:
About The New York Stock Exchange

Chapter 3:
What Is Traded

Chapter 4:
What Are Forex Pairs

Chapter 5:
About The Market Size And Liquidity

Chapter 6:
What Is A Spot Market

Chapter 7:
What Is Futures Trading

Chapter 8:
What Are Options Trading

Chapter 9:
What Are Exchange-traded Funds

Chapter 10:
The Dangers Of Trading If You Don’t Know How

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Chapter 1:

What Is Forex


The stability of the forex is never guaranteed as it is dictated by many connective elements around the world. Things like war, oil prices, and global shifts in power are just a few of the elements that effect the forex movements. However most times these changes are not immediate but gradual over time.

The Basics

There are many companies that are successfully trading in the forex. For the forex trading there are no off days, holidays or time offs. These companies run on 24 hour cycles no matter which part of the world they may be located in.

The forex trading also has its fair share of scams and to avoid this it would be prudent to do some research before taking the word of the forex traders and investing a lot of money on the here say or speculation of a few people. There are no magic formulas that most traders tout and every trade has the accompanying risks.

There are also many career opportunities in the forex trading line. Most large forex trading companies hire a varied amount to trades depending on the successes of the trade. Individual traders, brokers and bank to bank transactions are the most common and accepted ways of trading. The statistic taken last year showed the trading volume reached about 4 trillion USD.

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