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“Forbidden Psychological Tactics? They Don’t Work on ME!”

Every web surfer on the planet has told himself/herself this lie at one time or another. But don’t kid yourself — marketing psychology can influence anyone who is online.

Even master marketers like me, despite all I know about forbidden psychological tactics and “advertising speak”… and despite all my built-in sales resistance…I am just as susceptible to persuasion as anyone else. Because at its core:

Marketing psychology is the “power of persuasion” from the inside.

The key, of course, is deciding what persuasive tactic will grab a web surfer by the eyeballs and hold onto to him….

A Brief Pause: Note of apology to my female readers: Okay… I admit it…I’m a man (Although I imagine that my name probably gave that fact away). I think like a man. When I speak in generalizations, I tend to think (and use) the pronoun “he”…not “he/she,” and not “one.” I hope you can forgive me.

Anyway, as I was saying, the key to marketing psychology online (and off, too) is deciding the specific persuasive tactic or combination of tactics to use. Will fear be a motivator? What effect would a celebrity endorsement have? Can you satisfy greed?

Everything you do on your site should be coordinated to grab a web surfer by the eyeballs and by the emotions and hold onto to him until he cries…

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