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The Lure of Online Jobs..3
Tips To Choosing Legitimate Online Employment…..7
Customer Service Jobs…… 9
Data Entry Jobs14
Online Transcription Jobs.. 16
Freelance Writing 18
Virtual Assistant… 22

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Upon choosing you for their advertised job your new employer will deposit the agreed payment into Escrow. You will then be notified with an email. Once you know the funds have been placed you can start the job. Never, ever start work before you have been notified of this. Trust me. I’ve done this and lost hundreds of dollars in the process after the client disappeared with my good work without paying me.

Getting Started as a Service Rep

In order to get started in this line of work you will need to have a resume that you can submit online. As you would expect, getting an online job is often a case sending plenty of emails and making telephone calls to prospective employers.

It is highly likely that you will never meet your boss or your coworkers face to face. Make sure that your resume represents your interpersonal communications skills and any customer service related jobs you have held in the past. If this is a career change for you it might be beneficial to get a customer service job at a retail store in order to hone your skills. Of course, you will also want to make sure that your resume is grammatically correct since you will probably be asked to submit reports online and communicate via email. Good computer skills are a must.

Most of the companies require any applicant to be familiar with their preferred computer programs. These typically include word processing and spreadsheet applications. Remember that your job is not only going to be about dealing with customers, it will also require you to write reports about your work. As such you should familiarize yourself with commonly used computer programs. If you are not already familiar with these programs, you can take online tutorials, or enroll in specific classes to ensure that you know how to handle anything that comes your way.

Stick with what You Know/Like

As you look through the various websites that promote online customer service jobs, focus only on jobs that interest you. If you land a position, you will spend many hours each day talking to people about the product or service your company provides.

Because of that, you should make sure that you are actually interested in what you will be talking about.

For instance, if you enjoy traveling, you might want to work for an airline or a travel company. Your personal knowledge of travel and the excitement you could bring to customers is a huge boon in your favor.

If you are technically savvy you might be a good fit for an Internet service provider, or another tech company. By picking jobs within your expertise and interest your employer will require less time on your training. It will also push you to the top of the list of applicants.

If you simply enjoy talking to people and helping them, then virtually any customer service job is good for you. In fact, in order to be successful in this line of work you will need to have great interpersonal skills, a willingness to offer the necessary time with each client (so they feel well cared for), and a genuine interest in the company for whom you work. Not all customer service jobs work directly with the public, some work from a business to business point of view.

Do a Preferred Search

If you have a preference, look do a keyword search for “inside customer service” (business to business), or “outside customer service” which refers to working with the general public.

Capitalize On a Second Language Skill

One of the huge benefits of picking a customer service job is speaking another language. There are loads of bilingual customer service jobs just waiting to be filled. Keep in mind that these jobs require perfect command of the language in question. For that reason they pay handsomely too.

The key to picking any customer service job is to be enthusiastic about your product or service. If you can do that, your customers will be happy, and so will your boss.

Burning Out

One of the potential problems of working in this line of jobs is the dreaded burnout syndrome. When you speak to a large number of customers on a daily basis (and often irate ones to boot) it is easy to get burned out after some time.

If you find that the job you get is frustrating, do not give up. Find out more about the company and its products. It will help you when you are trying to help customers over the phone. If you still find yourself wishing the job away, look into other customer service jobs that might better suit your personality. If you are doing outside customer service, switch to inside customer service and vice versa. You do not have to stick with the first job you find. Working with people can be frustrating but it can also be very rewarding. If the job becomes a hassle, despite your best intentions it’s best to get out before you damage the company’s reputation with angry behavior.

Data Entry Jobs

If you would rather not deal with consumers, a data entry job may be the perfect online job for you. Sadly, this is one of the jobs that have seen a lot of scams infiltrating the market.

Because of the amount of scams in the industry it has become exceedingly difficult for you, or anyone else to find a legitimate online data entry job. Luckily there are real companies out there looking for data entry specialists. Companies save a lot of money by hiring someone who can work from home. They don’t have to pay the overhead expenses to house a bunch of data entry clerks, nor do they have to spend money to upkeep a lot of computer equipment. This makes you, the at-home data entry professional an ideal fit for them.

Good Pay Rates

Don’t worry; you won’t have to foot the bill for these overheads by working from home. While you will have to pay for your own computer equipment, your Internet connection, and other office related stuff you choose to use you won’t have to fork out a ton of money to do this line of work from home.

Data entry jobs actually pay quite well because companies can save money by not paying huge overheads. Many of these employers work with people like you entirely. They might even be a one-man operation themselves.

In addition, with a data entry job you get to work from your home. This allows for certain freedom you’ve always dreamed about, like going to work in your underwear.

Important Information

If you are considering data entry, you should know that there are some instances where you may be required to pay a sign-up fee. If this is the case it could be because you will be given access to sensitive data by the company. By charging you a fee they make sure you are serious about the job, and not some scam artist looking to steal their information. Trust me, this does happen.

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