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Chapter 1: What About Financial And Wealth Affirmations

Chapter 2: Financial Quotes

Chapter 3: General Financial Affirmations

Chapter 4: Financial Quotes In Investing

Chapter 5: Conclusion

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Many individuals are looking to bring in more revenue, boost their wealth, become debt-free, and financially free. A lot of individuals question why a few individuals are blessed with lots of revenue and other people are not. Well, there are a lot of mysteries to life, however one principle that is as old as the ages, is the Law Of Attraction. Get all the info you need here.

Financial And Wealth Affirmations

The big book of affirmations from financial and business juggernauts

Chapter 1: What About Financial And Wealth Affirmations


What is the Law Of Attraction? It has gotten to be an increasingly popular viral word ever since the wild fame of books like “The Secret” and “The Secret” movie. All the same, long before “The Secret”, individuals have been utilizing positive affirmations and visualization to draw in things into their lives the things they’re wanting.

The principle is rather simple. Essentially, the Law Of Attraction says that whatever you’re thinking about or feeling about, you manifest in your life.

For instance, have you ever been thinking about an old acquaintance that you haven’t talked to in a while? You question what they’re up to, what they are doing, then all of a sudden somebody starts speaking about them, or they appear in your life in some crazy way — add you as a friend on Facebook, for instance.

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