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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Inexpensive Fashion Basics
Chapter 2:
Finding Cheap Trendy Clothes in New York
Chapter 3:
Using Clothes Sample Sales
Chapter 4:
Finding Inexpensive Shoes
Chapter 5:
Buying Used
Chapter 6:
Stay Within Your Clothing Budget

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Many people, especially women love stylish and fashionable clothing. However, keeping up with all the fashion trends can be a highly costly endeavor. This is mainly because the most fashionable pieces of clothing are often the most expensive ones. Moreover, fashion trends tend to change very quickly. Because of this, many people spend great amounts of money on their outfit.

Quality pieces can really be pricy and new trends always pop up on the market. However, it does not mean that you cannot look great if you do not have enough money to spend on those highly expensive clothing. You can always stick to your budget while being fashionable and trendy at the same. The primary key is actually making the right choices.

This book is intended for all men and women alike, who want to become stylish, build their wardrobe and get the best fashionable items on the market without spending too much. We all want to look beautiful and fashionable and this book can be of paramount help to achieve that.

In this very tough economy, every individual needs to learn how to save money. The great news is that there are many different inexpensive ways to remain stylish and trendy. You can always accentuate your beauty and reveal your fashionable side without spending too much.

Chapter 1: Inexpensive Fashion Basics


They say that fashion is every woman’s priority and they she does not forget fashion even during the worst condition. However, note that there are a lot of men who are as equally fashion-conscious as women. Indeed, being fashionable isn’t a bad thing. This keeps you up to date and since all of us have a fashion side, this allows us to reveal it and bring out the best in our appearance.

However, it becomes a sin once we start following all the fashion trends without considering our financial condition. In these very tough economic days, we all have to be practical and make informed choices when it comes to spending our money.

Remaining stylish and saving money can go hand and hand. It is now possible for us to build the best wardrobe with trendy pieces of clothing, bags and shoes without spending hefty amounts of money. How? Let us have an in-depth understanding of inexpensive fashion

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