Fantastic Funded Proposal: How To Covert Prospects Into Buyers Plr Ebook

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Chapter 1:
Network Marketing Funded Proposal Basics

Chapter 2:
Choose A Great Affiliate Offer To Help Your Team Begin Making Money

Chapter 3:
Train Prospects On How To Use The Affiliate Offer

Chapter 4:
Provide Ongoing Coaching To Demonstrate Your Expertise

Chapter 5:
Check In Regularly On The Prospects Success

Chapter 6:
Gently Remind People Of Your Main Business Opportunity

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Chapter 1:

Network Marketing Funded Proposal Basics


Funded proposals are basically the platform where good introductory products are offered at a very low price to potential prospective clients with the intention of further enticing or encouraging them to commit to making a more impactful purchase or commitment to the business.

Ideally these introductory products should in some way be linked to the original core business intended to be introduced. In doing so the merchant is able to enjoy some revenue for the very onset of the whole exercise thus limiting perceived losses.

The Basics

Besides being able to make some money, the merchant is also able to create a satisfactory level of interest in the business to encourage the client to be more confident and eager to make other follow up purchases.

The initial item offered at the lower price which acted as the enticing tool would then function as the ideal advertisement for other core products.

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