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Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Facebook Page Fans …… 3
Tips to Create Facebook Posts That Are Engaging …. 3
Grow Your Facebook Page Fans …….. 4
Grow Your Facebook Likes With These 5 Tips ………. 5
Top Secret Tips to Help You Run a Successful Fan Page ……. 6
The Key to Building a Fan Base on Facebook Pages That’s Engaged 6
Fans and Likes ……….. 7
4 Techniques to Increase Your Facebook Likes……… 8
Best Kept Secrets to Growing Your Facebook Page Fans ….. 9
Tips You Need to Know to Grow Your Facebook Small Business Page ……… 9
Fans . 10
10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Likes …. 11
The Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes ……. 12
How to Grow Your Facebook Fans on Your Page … 13
5 Things You Should Add to Your Facebook Fan Page …….. 13
How to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes …. 14
Tricks to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes … 15
How You Can Grow Your Facebook Likes on Your Business Page .. 16
How to Successfully Design a Facebook Offer …….. 17
4 Ways You Can Increase Your Facebook Page Likes ………. 17

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Trick #1 Use Social Media

The use of social media channels like LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter are a great way to encourage people to visit your Facebook page. These are free marketing tools that you should take advantage of. In addition to direct posts, make sure that you occasionally cross post from one to the other. Twitter only allows 140 characters so make good use of them.

Trick #2 Take Advantage of Public Events

Often overlooked, yet a powerful tool that can be a great way to spread the word. If you are doing public speaking be sure you include your Facebook Page URL on the slide show as it makes it easy for people to connect. If you attend network meetings this is a great time to encourage members to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page and become fans.

Trick #3 Fan Page Fridays

On Facebook, there are Pages that host Fan Page Friday events. If you are participating, you will be encouraged to stop by the page on a specific date to introduce your business to everyone that’s participating and then tag their page in the post. The idea is that you will work through all the comments and ‘Like’ each of the participating pages who will in turn ‘Like’ your page. A word of caution. Only participate in local events, because if you land up with tons of international fans, it could actually lower your EdgeRank score. In addition, if others hide your news feed posts because they only wanted the ‘Like’ from you and aren’t interested in your business, could hurt you.

Trick #4 Encourage Check Ins on Your Facebook Page

For anyone who has a brick and mortar business, you should enable check ins on your Facebook page, and then remind customers to check in when they are in your premises. You can even include an incentive like offering a discount.

Trick #5 Make Use of Signage

When customers visit your brick and mortar business, you can create signage for in your store that allows customers to ‘Like” your page using a text message. Your signage would look something like this. “Text Like (insert Facebook Page name) to 34587. Test this on your cell phone first before you commit your budget to this. You can also develop signage that includes your social media icons.

These 5 tricks work great to grow your Facebook Page fans.

Grow Your Facebook Likes With These 5 Tips

Facebook is a place where conversations take place. On your Facebook Page do you chat with your fans or do you talk at them? The number of fans you have is a pretty good reference to how you deal with your fans. The more you chat with your fans the higher your number of fans will be. Make the most of your social space by understanding it and you will see your Facebook Page ‘Likes’ continue to grow. Here are 5 tips to help you grow your Facebook Likes.

1. Talk Back to Your Fans – You post a comment, then a fan comments on the post, and you need to reply to that comment. Ideally, what you want to achieve is conversation that goes back and forth between you and your fan(s). The more fans that participate the better. By allowing your fans to feel a conversation is taking place they are more likely to participate. If you post and a fan comments and you don’t reply the conversation dies off and the reach dies with it.

2. Make Sure There are plenty of Photos and Videos Posted – People prefer photos over texts. Make your Facebook Page visually appealing using graphics, photos and videos. This will draw the interest of your fans and they are much more likely to share photos, graphics and videos than text, which in turn extends your reach.

3. Choose the Best Timeline Photo – The latest Facebook format – the Timeline page is either hated or loved. It requires that you post a prominent horizontal image along with a smaller detailed shot that is inset. This is a good place for your logo. Make sure your photos are friendly and cheerful. It’s great if they interact or connect with your fans.

4. Take Advantage of the Social Tabs – It’s a good idea to cross promote any other social media pages you have. You can add tabs for Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

5. Post Regularly – Your Facebook posts are time and date stamped. Your posts are grouped monthly so your fans can easily scroll down your page and they can also see how often you post every month. So if you only post 7 times over the weekend and then not again until the next weekend your fans are going to lose interest and new potential fans aren’t going to be too excited about liking your page. It is very important that you post regularly to generate interest.

Top Secret Tips to Help You Run a Successful Fan Page

There are Facebook pages and there are “Facebook Pages.” Some pages are just there. They exist, they are boring and they do nothing to draw in their audience. Other pages have the ‘wow’ factor. They are attractive, they offer great value and the audience is drawn in. Which type of Facebook Page do you have? Here are some top-secret tips to help you run a successful fan page that not only brings people to your page, but helps you grow your fans and likes.

Start With an Incredible Cover Photo

The image at the top of your page can draw you in. It can capture your imagination and take you to some place beautiful. Make sure that you understand the importance of your cover photo and that you choose one that will work for you. There are tons of online resources to help you with this.

Create a Profile Image That’s Unique

When it comes to profile pictures, we tend to stick a picture of ourselves up there and that’s that. But there is so much value in using a unique profile image that your audience will remember or associate with. Start with defining what your business about. Then try to create an image that is memorable and creates strong branding. Hire a visual artist if you need to. It’s worth it!

Make Use of the Facebook Page Apps

Facebook offers you some great apps, so make sure to explore them and make use of it. Add any that are appropriate. Don’t be afraid to make use of several. It will help to increase your viewers along with your likes.

Post Regular and Engaging Posts

Creating a post now and then isn’t good enough. You need to have regular posts every day so that you show up in the news feeds and so that your fans look forward to your posts and are ready to read and share those posts. In addition, you need to make sure you have engaging posts so that they encourage your fans to comment and participate in a discussion. This will help to increase your reach.

Strong Call to Action

It is very important that your Facebook page has a strong call to action, because without it your visitors won’t know what they are supposed to do. Ask friends to click the ‘LIKE’ button in a clear and concise way that leaves no room for mistakes.

The Key to Building a Fan Base on Facebook Pages That’s Engaged

Growing your fan base is an important part of your Facebook Page but what’s just as important is having fans that will engage on your page. This means that you will have fans that will like your page, comment on posts and share posts because they want to, not because they are being enticed to via a prize such as a free giveaway or coupon. It call comes back to providing good content.

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