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Choosing From the 10 Facebook Ad Objectives 4
How Facebook Blueprint Can Help You Make Money With any FB Advertisement 6
How to Advertise for Free on Facebook with Facebook Offers 8
How to Advertise on Facebook with a 4-Step Formula for All FB Ad Campaigns 11
How to Get 10 Times More Facebook Ad Traffic with Carousel Ads 14
How to Promote an Event to Advertise for Free on Facebook 16
How to Set Your Facebook Advertising Budget … the Smart Way 19
How to Use Custom Audiences in Your Facebook Ads 22
The 3 Most Popular Ways to Advertise on Facebook 24
The Quickest Way to Advertise on Facebook – Boosting Facebook Posts 27

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Blueprint Live

Some people learn better by interacting live with a trainer or educator. This is the format offered by Blueprint Live, an in-person training program which teaches the ins and outs of advertising and marketing on Instagram and Facebook.

If you would like to learn more, Facebook Blueprint can be found by googling “Fa-cebook Blueprint e-learning,” or by going to the following URL:


How to Advertise for Free on Facebook with Facebook Offers

Facebook makes it pretty easy to advertise on the world’s biggest and most popu-lar virtual social hangout. With more than 2 billion active monthly users (and that number is rising), Facebook is easily the largest of the social media networks on the Internet. There are many different ways to advertise on Facebook, and re-gardless of the business goal you have in mind, there is an FB marketing method perfectly suited to your particular situation.

The process is pretty easy as well.

Once you log into the Facebook Ads Manager, you are asked to choose a market-ing objective. At this initial step, you simply answer the question, “What do you want to do?” You then choose a target audience, set your budget, and finally, cre-ate your ad. Though Facebook allows you to advertise as inexpensively as $5 per day, you may prefer to advertise for free.

This may be because you have an extremely small advertising budget, or you aren’t convinced Facebook is right for your business. Whatever the reason, there is a simple and effective way to advertise on Facebook without spending a penny. This marketing option is called Facebook Offers.

How Do Facebook Offers Work?

Facebook Offers are un-originally but aptly named. These are offers you make on Facebook to the fans of any business page you have created. The program has been around for years and was most recently upgraded in 2017. FB Offers lets you share free giveaways, special sales, and significant discounts with your Facebook page fans. As long as you have created a page, or you have been named the administrator of a page, you can use the free Facebook Offers tool to simultaneously build your email list and announce a special offer. This is significantly different than simply broadcasting the same offer on your Facebook account because anyone who re-sponds to your offer automatically receives email notifications to remind them of the offer you have made, and any deadlines you have included.

This means without spending a penny, you can use the Facebook Offers format to send traffic to an email list building opt-in page. You can keep in contact with fans of your Facebook page through email in the future. These people are already fa-miliar with your business, so they are warm prospects. When you make your Fa-cebook Offer exceptional, delivering extreme value with a steep discount or free giveaway, this free advertising method can create lifelong customers and fans of your business.

To make your offer even better, you can use the Facebook option to pin this post to the top of your page. This means that anytime someone visits your page, whether, for the 1st or 100th time, they see your offer before consuming any other content.

How to Create a Free Facebook Offer

The easiest way to create a free offer is from your page. When you are logged into your page, you will notice an option to Create an Offer at the very top of your timeline. On a mobile device, this may be on the side of your display. Choose this option, describe your offer, add an engaging photo or video, and then select whether you want your offer to be redeemed online, at a physical store, or in both places.

Facebook will give you the option of “boosting” your offer by setting a daily budget. Skip this step, click Publish, and your offer is now live! That is how easy it is to advertise on Facebook without spending a penny if you have a limited adver-tising budget, or just want to test the waters first before taking a financial plunge.

How to Advertise on Facebook with a 4-Step Formula for All FB Ad Campaigns

If you are thinking about advertising on Facebook, you no doubt understand how potentially powerful the world’s largest social media network can be. For the last quarter of 2017, Facebook reported earnings of a staggering $10.3 billion. That in-come was earned through Facebook’s advertising platform, which allows market-ers just like you access to the 2+ billion active monthly users on FB.

Depending on your marketing goals, there are a number of ways you can get your message delivered on FB. You can choose a carousel format which allows users to browse several of your products at once, drive engagement by asking for likes and shares, or use your advertising budget to increase your number of followers. Re-gardless what business objective you have in mind, Facebook offers a simple 4-step formula for all advertising campaigns.

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