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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 2:
Models and Measures
Chapter 3:
Intriguing Data: Gender and Everyday Living
Chapter 4:
Success and EI
Chapter 5:
Tools To Develop EQ
Wrapping Up

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Genuine passion is among the most powerful feelings one may feel in their lifetime. One can grow so passionate about something that they believe they’d die for it. It may be among the most powerful of all human emotions. Passion can be harnessed for good, or for evil. It’s when individuals harness their passions in positive ways that the world is influenced in an amazing way. These individuals are not lazy, ambitionless, unmotivated, depressed bags of flesh that mope about all day wallowing in self-pity and lacking passion. They’re live, energetic, proactive and active beings who have come to fully recognize the divine potential inside their own mind, body, spirit and soul.

The individuals that you surround yourself with have a huge effect on your mind, and thus your life. Therefore, surround yourself with as many positively passionate individuals as you are able to, and you’ll find yourself becoming like them.

As well, learn more and adjust your habits to bring you more success and passion.

Learn how to grow your life and your habits in a manageable and measurable way.

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