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Table of Contents

1) After iPhone and iPod it’s iPad – The birth of iPad_______________5
2) Apple’s incredible invention- iPad enjoys customer loyalty! _______7
3) How powerful can a 700 gm device be?_______________________9
4) Safari, Alphabet Fun, Popular Science +, The Elements- some chic
applications that you would have never laid your hands on before! ____11
5) Why should you opt for an iPad?____________________________13
6) What makes iPad a better option over regular laptops?__________15
7) Connectivity, power and battery offered by iPad_______________17
8) Storage- How much can an iPad stockpile?____________________19
9) A quick sneak peek into what users have to say________________21
10) How to make your iPad look better?_________________________23

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Chapter 1: After iPhone and iPod it’s IPad – the birth of iPad

Change has always been the driving force behind everything a person does. Over the last few years, we have seen changes everywhere, the way people work, communicate and even the lifestyle of people. Not only this, we have even seen technology change for the better. Technological advances have benefited the mankind in many ways and provided mankind with better and better gadgets which make life simpler and easier.

Technology has given us every type of gadget that we make use of today. From televisions to computers to mobile phones, we have seen technology change at a rapid rate. The launch of the iPhone and the iPad in the last few years made everyone wonder what technology can do for us. People were not even familiar with using iPhones and iPods, when a new and even better product was launched in the market. This gadget was the iPad. The birth of the iPad brought about a revolution in the mobile computing market across the globe. This gadget was received with open arms by the mobile computing market as the company sold 3 million of these devices within 80 days of its release.

The iPad was released in April 2010 by Apple. Apple launched the iPod in 2001. The iPod is a portable music player. In 2007, Apple launched the iPhone. The iPhone is a mobile computing device. To add functionality to these devices and to make mobile computing easier, Apple developed the iPad which is nothing but a tablet computer.

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