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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
The Melancholy Personality Type

Chapter 2:
The Choleric Personality Type

Chapter 3:
The Phlegmatic Personality Type

Chapter 4:
The Sanguine Personality Type

Chapter 5:
How To Communicate With Melancholies

Chapter 6:
How To Communicate With Cholerics

Chapter 7:
How To Communicate With Phlegmatics

Chapter 8:
How To Communicate With Sanguines

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Choleric – also known as a Ruby, Red, Dominance. The Strength of this personality is: Natural Born Leader, Goal Oriented, Achiever, Outgoing, Optimistic, Hard Working, Aggressive, Strong-Willed, Decisive, Problem Solver, Confident, Independent, Succeeding, Risk – Taker, Direct. The Weaknesses of this personality is: Domineering, My Way Or The High Way, Rule Breaker, Compulsive, Controlling, Cold, Tactless, Intolerant, Indifferent, Bossy, Impatient.


The Choleric Personality Type

Personality Strengths of the Choleric

• Born leader
• Dynamic and active
• Compulsive need for change
• Must correct wrongs
• Strong-willed and decisive
• Unemotional
• Not easily discouraged
• Independent and self sufficient
• Exudes confidence
• Can run anything

The Choleric As A Parent

• Exerts sound leadership
• Establishes Goals
• Motivates family to action
• Knows the right answer
• Organizes household

The Choleric At Work

• Goal oriented
• Sees the whole picture
• Organizes well
• Seeks practical solutions
• Moves quickly to action
• Delegates work
• Insists on production
• Makes the goal
• Stimulates activity
• Thrives on opposition

The Choleric As a Friend

• Has little need for friends
• Will work for group activity
• Will lead and organize
• Is usually right
• Excels in emergencies

The Choleric Personality Type weaknesses

• You can be bossy and impatient.
• You’re quick tempered, can’t relax and can be too impetuous.
• You enjoy controversy and arguments and won’t give up when losing.
• You can come on too strong, are inflexible and uncomplimentary.
• You dislike tears and emotions and are generally unsympathetic.
• You tend to over dominate, are too busy for your family and will often give answers too quickly.
• You’re impatient with poor performance and won’t let children relax if you have any. You are likely to send them in to depression.
• You have little tolerance for mistakes; however, you don’t analyze details yourself, are bored by trivia and can often make rash decisions.
• You can be rude and tactless and often manipulate people.
• You’re demanding of others and believe that the end justifies the means.
• Work may become the driving force in your life and you demand loyalty in the ranks.
• You tend to use people and dominate others.
• You make decisions on other people’s behalf and you know everything.
• You can do everything better, are too independent and are overly possessive of friends and mate.
• You can’t say you’re sorry and, although you may often be right, you can become unpopular.

The choleric is the most forceful and active of the 4 types. He’s strong-willed and independent and opinionated. The choleric thrives on activity. He’s the most practical and makes sound, quick decisions. He is not afraid of obstructions and tends to drive right through or over troubles. He is probably the firmest natural leader of the four types. He has the most problem with anger and doesn’t display compassion easily. He is quick to recognize chances and quick to make the best of them – though details irritate him and, unless he learns to delegate, he will often gloss over details. His strong will and determination might drive him to succeed where more gifted individuals give up.

The choleric is a developer and might be seen in construction supervision or coaching or law enforcement. Most entrepreneurs are choleric. Because of their impatience they often wind up doing everything themselves. A choleric is exceedingly goal/task oriented in leading other people. His biggest failing as a leader is a tendency to run right over individuals if he feels they are in his way. He assumes that approval and encouragement will lead others to slack off and he probably finds criticism and faultfinding more useful for his purposes. Through his natural determination he may succeed where other people may give up.

A choleric’s weaknesses include anger and aggression. A choleric is the most likely to have an active temper; he is a door slammer and horn blower and he may carry a grudge for a long time. This includes a cutting and sarcastic tongue and the choleric will seldom hesitate to tell someone off. The choleric is the least likely to show affection or any public show of emotion. His emotions are the least developed of all the temperaments. Additionally a choleric can be inconsiderate, self-opinionated and crafty in getting their own way.


The Phlegmatic Personality Type

Phlegmatic – a.k.a. a Pearl, Yellow, Steadiness. The Strength of this personality is: Care Giver, Stable, Patient, Listener, Peaceful, Tolerant, Easy Going, Calm, Reliable, Loyal, Pleasant, Inoffensive, Nurturing, and Sympathetic. The Weaknesses of this personality is: Indecisive, Avoids Rejection, Permissive, Worrier, Shy, Bashful, Nonchalant, Timid, Loner, Fearful, Hesitant, and Compromising.


The Phlegmatic Personality Type

Personality Strengths of the Phlegmatic

• Low-key personality
• Easygoing and relaxed
• Calm, cool and collected
• Patient well balanced
• Consistent life
• Quiet but witty
• Sympathetic and kind
• Keeps emotions hidden
• Happily reconciled to life
• All-purpose person

The Phlegmatic As A Parent

• Makes a good parent
• Takes time for the children
• Is not in a hurry
• Can take the good with the bad
• Doesn’t get upset easily

The Phlegmatic At Work

• Competent and steady
• Peaceful and agreeable
• Has administrative ability
• Mediates problems
• Avoids conflicts
• Good under pressure
• Finds the easy way

The Phlegmatic As a Friend

• Easy to get along with
• Pleasant and enjoyable
• Inoffensive
• Good listener
• Dry sense of humor
• Enjoys watching people
• Has many friends
• Has compassion and concern

Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

• Unenthusiastic
• Fearful and worried
• Indecisive
• Avoids responsibility
• Quiet will of iron
• Selfish
• To shy and reticent
• Too compromising
• Self-righteous

• Lax on discipline
• Doesn’t organize home
• Takes life to easy
• Dampens enthusiasm
• Stays uninvolved
• Is not exciting
• Indifferent to plans
• Judges others
• Sarcastic and teasing
• Resists change

The phlegmatic is better characterized by the words “easy going”. He’s the calm and steady individual who is not easily distracted. He’s the easiest temperament type to get along with. Life for him is happy, unexcited and sedate. Underneath the calm exterior, the phlegmatic is the most unsure temperament type. He often uses humor to make his points. The phlegmatic is more an observer and doesn’t involve himself in the activities of other people.

Phlegmatics make excellent teachers, counselors and administrators. They’re very dependable and organized and, while they never volunteer, they make adept group leaders.

The weaknesses of a phlegmatic include lack of motivation or even laziness; they seem to lack drive and ambition. A phlegmatic needs to recognize that he is not internally motivated and take up activities that force him into action. The phlegmatic is self-protective and might be selfish. He is often really stubborn, though it’s hidden beneath his mild-mannered style. He’s likewise the most fearful of temperaments.

After defining each temperament in “black-and-white” we must realize that no one is completely one temperament type. Each of us is a blend of generally 2 and occasionally 3 types. One temperament type is dominant and one is secondary. And don’t forget that training, lifestyle, rearing and other circumstances might have forced an individual to function “off style”.

The saddest individuals I have seen are those who have “put on” a style that is not theirs naturally for so long that it has become a chronic way of life.

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