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Introduction 5
Making Money with Short Reports 7
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Fast-Track Writing System 22
Selling Your Short Reports 26
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Reports That Outsell

When it comes to writing short reports that people want to buy, your content must be both conversational and engaging. 

It doesn’t matter what niche or market you’re in, if you want to create bestselling reports that people want to talk about to others and encourage repeat sales, you need to create content that is easy to understand and keeps their attention.

Here are a few simple rules to follow:

Use contractions in your information product (Example: Use “that’s” instead of “that is”).  This makes sure that your content doesn’t read too stiff or formal. You can still write in an authoritative voice while keeping it light and entertaining.

Break up your paragraphs into easily digestible segments of information. Don’t create a wall of text!  No one wants to wade through extremely long paragraphs.  You want to keep skim readers in mind who will just blaze through your content quickly, picking out the golden nuggets that are of interest

Create chapter headlines and sub-headlines that are interesting and bold. It’s your job to keep your reader glued to the pages of your product, and you can do that by offering ‘visual guidance’ by defining sections, while keeping them engaged.

Remember, on average, consumers read at an 8th grade level. That means you want to dumb-down your content so that anyone can understand and follow it.

And finally, the less fluff and filler, the better.  You’re not trying to achieve a certain page count. You’re trying to get the most important points across, cutting out the fat and delivering a polished, meaty report. 

When creating your content, you want to first research your market so that you can identify the top questions being asked by people interested in that niche.  That way you can slant your content so that it addresses those key issues.

When you canidentify what motivates your audience, you’ll be able to create best-selling information products that leave your readers thoroughly satisfied, and better yet, able to take action with your material.

You need to clearly address their concerns early on, reassuring them that your information is beneficial to them to motivate them into taking action and to remove skepticism.

Creating In-Demand Reports

When writing your reports, you need to narrow your scope so that you have a very specific focus for your report.

That way not only are you providing a solution to a specific problem, but you’ll be able to create your product in just a couple of hours with a clear outline.

Conducting research and brainstorming will make writing your book a breeze. Don’t underestimate the value of good research and an outline.

Write down the top questions you find; they’ll make fantastic chapter titles or headlines throughout your report. 

Take notes of everything you uncover when researching your market.  Pay attention to Facebook groups as they’re a goldmine for valuable information based on ongoing conversation and repeat questions. 

Brainstorming is the information-collecting process that will kick-start your writing process. Even if you’re planning to outsource your content you’ll want to research enough to be able to come up with an outline to hand your writer.

Start off by thinking from your readers’ perspective. Ask yourself questions about the topic.  If you were looking for a book about your topic, what questions would you want answered in this book?  

For example, let’s say you’re writing a book on credit repair. What do most people want to know about credit repair? What are your questions? Write them all down, no matter how insignificant they seem. 

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