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An Approach to Housetraining an Adult Dog

Bringing an adult dog into your home demands as much effort from you and the family as does a puppy. It’s a mistake to think that just because the dog is full-grown and may have been potty trained in one home, that he’ll just immediately adjust to your home’s elimination schedule, too.

That’s not realistic. The dog has many adjustments to his new environment and doesn’t instinctively know that you don’t allow peeing on the floor – especially his prior owner didn’t mind or didn’t seem to care.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that because he’s an adult dog that he’ll just “know” what to do. Start with him as if he were a puppy and gradually teach him the routine of your home’s pet potty schedule.

You probably need to start with crate training or restriction to a bathroom. Then set a schedule for potty breaks. Adult dogs are very picky about finding a potty place outside that’s apart from where they play, just as they don’t like to potty near where they sleep or eat.

Help him find that place in your yard or outside when walking and return him there for subsequent potty breaks. You have to monitor the potty breaks for several weeks to learn your dog’s elimination patterns.

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