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Chapter 1:
Admit You Have A Problem
Chapter 2:
Distinguish The Triggers
Chapter 3:
Get A Plan
Chapter 4:
Some Treatment Options

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Design out your recovery. Stopping video games cold turkey may seem like the best way to break your addiction, but actually, most individuals fail attempting to quit completely. Your best plan would be to step by step wean yourself away from video games. Make yourself a termination date of when you wish to be completely free from video games. Then, produce steps to that ending date, with mini-goals that you wish to accomplish. For instance, rather than playing for twenty hours a week, attempt cutting it down to eighteen hours a week, and so forth. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t accomplish your goals! Remember, Roma wasn’t built in a day, and your dependency won’t go away overnight.

One Day At A Time

What treatment should be if you choose to go with addiction counseling.

Handling Symptoms

Addiction counselors ought to first address and point out the symptoms and outcomes of the addiction with the patient. For instance, point out physical things that have deteriorated in the patient since his addiction started. Point out weight loss, carpel tunnel or any other physical feature you see altered.

Also discuss how the addictions have resulted in altering the patient’s life, like losing friends, losing a job, getting financially unstable or getting in hassles with the law. These subjects should be discussed with the patient till the patient recognizes they’ understand that they were a direct cause of overusing the addiction.


You should recognize urges to use and discuss what causes these urges, like stress, personal crises at home or low self-respect. The counselor ought to recognize the causes of these urges, discuss how the addictions don’t help solve the issue at hand and then promote and motivate the patient to accomplish abstinence and to discover new ways to solve the trouble at hand.


As a recovery plan, the addict ought to be monitored for usage. The addict ought to be reinforced and encouraged when doing well, and a counselor ought to discuss why an addict did use if this does happen. The addict and the counselor ought to discuss and together discover fresh ways for the patient to solve life’s problems and to make him happy, like meditating, exercising, authorship of song lyrics, volunteering or joining a support group. The end goal is to have addicts become operational, responsible, and productive.

Living Recovery

For patients whose addiction resulted in substantial damages to their personal lives, a goal is likewise set to recover from these impairments and possibly make amends. To start, counseling sessions ought to be held between the addict and her friends or loved ones whose relationships were tarnished or altered due to the addiction.


Video game addiction treatment centers are cropping up in nations like China, Republic of Korea, the Netherlands and the U.S. in an effort to supply help for video game addiction. Detox for video game addiction is planned to help video game addicts discover how to effectively eliminate their compulsive, habit-forming behaviors much like those addicted to gambling and/or alcohol abuse.

Video game addiction books supply helpful advice to video game addicts on how to circumvent computer and video game addiction, as well as crucial data for parents struggling with their children’s addiction to video games. Info in these books on video game addiction likewise discuss the increasing number of vehement video games and the adverse effects these games might have on youngsters and teens that parents might or might not be aware of.

New Developments

Ironically situated less than fifteen miles from Microsoft’s Redmond central office, there is a treatment center set on a 5-acre wooden retreat with a 3,500 sq ft craftsman house, red cedar tree houses, henhouses, and goat pens. For a humungous cost for the 45-day stay (including application, screening and treatment fees) Net and gaming addicts are severed from the web… cold turkey.

The facility states inpatient treatment for Net and gaming addiction includes working with a therapist, a recreation coach, yoga and work out instructors, nature hikes, house chores, career development and additional activities in an effort to “reprogram” patients and free them of their addiction to the internet or gaming.

Even though Net addiction or video game addiction isn’t yet included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) doesn’t make these dependencies less serious and genuine, particularly in the lives and families impacted by the disorder.

Regrettably, this addiction isn’t recognized as a discriminate disorder by the American Psychiatric Association, and treatment isn’t covered by insurance. But there are a lot of treatment centers for the addiction in Republic of China, Republic of Korea and Taiwan — where the addiction is taken very earnestly — and a lot of psychiatric experts state it’s clear that the addiction is true and harmful.

The treatment center is run by psychotherapists who believe the net addiction and gaming are no less addictive than other apparently harmless activities, like gambling. However therapists have seen patients who are compulsive Net and gaming addicts to the point where they stop eating and sleeping the right way, risk losing their occupations, marriages and relationships are wasted, plus assorted potentially grave health problems (including death). The adverse effects of Net addiction or video game addiction can’t be ignored anymore – if you or your youngsters are showing symptoms of addiction, act today.

Treatment for video game addiction is like to detox for other addictions, with one crucial difference. Computers have gotten to be a crucial part of daily life, as well as many occupations, so compulsive gamers can’t just look the other way when they see a personal computer. It’s like a food dependency” You have to determine how to live with food.

As video game addicts can’t avoid computers, they have to determine how to utilize them responsibly. That implies no gaming. As for limiting game time to an hour a day that’s compared to an alcoholic stating he’s only going to drink beer.

The hardest part of treating video game addicts is that it’s a little bit harder to show someone they’re in trouble. Nobody’s ever been set in jail for being under the influence of [a game].” The key is to demonstrate to gamers they’re powerless over their addiction, and then instruct them on real-life exhilaration as opposed to game excitement.

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