Curing Dog Separation Anxiety PLR Ebook With Audio & Video

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Table of Contents

My Story …. 7
Our Pet’s Emotions …..10
What Is Dog Separation Anxiety? ..15
What Are The Main Causes Of Separation Anxiety?.16
When It Is Not Separation Anxiety! ..19
Additional Information And Statistics ….20
Separation Anxiety Statistics 21
Detecting Separation Anxiety – Signs & Symptoms …..22
Risk Factors Associated With Separation Anxiety…..24
Lowering The Risk Factors Of Separation Anxiety ….25
Clinical Signs Of Separation Anxiety .25
What Should I Do If I Suspect My Dog Has Separation Anxiety? 28
What Will An Assessment Of Canine Separation Anxiety Reveal? ….28
How Is An Assessment Of Separation Anxiety Performed? ..29
Separation Anxiety – Prevention & Treatment 33
How Is Separation Anxiety Professionally Treated? .33
Medications .34
Anxiety Wraps – A Useful Tool! ..34
Curing Dog Separation Anxiety 5
Using An Ace Bandage To Create An Anxiety Wrap..37
Using A Shirt As An Anxiety Wrap ….40
Buying & Using Pressure Wraps .40
Behaviour Modification Techniques To Cure Separation Anxiety .42
Supportive Actions For Dealing With Dog Separation Anxiety …47
Behaviour Modification Techniques – A Summary …61
Separation Anxiety Action Plan – Steps To Take Before You Leave Your Dog Alone Each Day ..63
Extra Tips For Anxiety Barkers….64
Diet Tips For Anxious Dogs…65
Alternative Health Aids ..66
Other Helpful Measures To Try ..66
How Can I Prevent Anxiety Disorders In The First Place? …..67
Crating – A Preventive Measure For Separation Anxiety For Pet Owners With Space Constraints .71
Crating Philosophy …71
Crating Expectations 72
Dog-Den Afternoons 73
Crating For Young Puppies …73
When Not To Use Crates 74
Selecting A Crate 74
Curing Dog Separation Anxiety 6
The Crate Training Process…75
Potential Problems During Crate Training ….79
Crating Is A Prevention To Developing Separation Anxiety, Not A Cure! 80
Useful Crating Tips …80
The Final Word82
Additional Dog Health and Training Resources …..84
References And Further Reading ..87

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My Story

At the time of this writing, I have a 20-month-old German shepherd, Peter. Peter is a very adorable pet that has become an integral part of my family. Every member of the house absolutely loves him. Since he‘s come into our lives, we have actually gotten a valuable family member who loves without judgment, has no inhibitions and expects nothing in return. Yes, all he wants is love … and just love!

We actually inherited him from an ex-neighbour whose dog had given birth two years ago. We brought him home as an adorable 2-month-old puppy who was ever-so energetic and entertaining at his best.

However, when he was 8-months old I landed a job at an ad agency and was often working more than nine hours a day. With my husband and kids both out of the house for work and school respectively, Peter was usually at home alone. We were sometimes able to get a neighbour to check in on him from time to time.

Gradually, he started resenting being left alone at home and would whine incessantly the minute he saw me getting ready for work. He even resisted my neighbour when she used to give him his regular meals as he would often leave it untouched.

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