Creative Marketing Tactics: How You Can Use Creative ‘Out Of The Box’ Thinking To Get Loads Of New Customers Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What Is Creative Marketing? 5
The Definition 6
The History 6
The Evolution 7
Chapter 2 – How and Why Creative Marketing Works 9
The Element of Surprise 9
It Pays to Be Different 11
Controls and Variables 12
Fun with Case Studies 14
Several Campaigns That Worked 15
One Campaign That Didn’t 16
Chapter 3 – Creative Marketing for Your Small Business 18
Advantages 19
Disadvantages 20
Cost Breakdown: Money versus Effort 21
Finding Your Target Market 24
Chapter 4 – Creative Marketing Methods 28
Word of Mouth 28
What is it? 29
How do you do it? 30
Summary 32
Canvassing 33
What is it? 33
How do you do it? 34
Summary 36
The Sign Says 37
What is it? 38
How do you do it? 38
Summary 41
Vehicle and Body Advertising 41
What is it? 42
How do you do it? 42
Summary 44
Promotional Items 44
What is it? 45
How do you do it? 47
Summary 48
Chapter 5 – Digital Creative Marketing 50
Establishing yourself 50
Website basics 51
Internet marketing basics 53
Going Viral 54
What is it? 55
How do you do it? 56
Summary 58
Beating the Blog Drum 58
What is it? 59
How do you do it? 60
Summary 62
Chapter 6 – Rules and Regulations 63
Fairness in Advertising 63
What It Means 63
Spam Isn’t Healthy 64
Weird Laws and Ordinances 67
Chapter 7 – Welcome to the Jungle 69
Table of Figures 71

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Chapter 1 – How and Why Creative Marketing Works

Today’s business market is an extremely competitive place. More businesses enter the fray all the time: for the past ten years, more than 750,000 new startups spring into existence across North America. Unfortunately, over 60 percent of new businesses fail in the first four years.

Why do they fail? According to a study performed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, there are three main reasons startup businesses fold:

• Lack of financial planning
• Poor sales skills
• Poorly planned and executed marketing

Creative marketing addresses all three of these concerns. It is one of the most successful marketing methods available, and since it is low-cost and high-impact, you won’t need a huge advertising budget to take advantage of this powerful strategy.

What you will need is a basic understanding of how and why Creative marketing works.

The Element of Surprise

One of the reasons Creative marketing works is that the methods are often unexpected. Many Creative campaigns are highly visible, and contain some sort of element that is unique to the business using it.

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