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Table Of Contents

So It All Began…!- 6
After A Day of Brainstorming…!- 8
The Method!- 12
Just a Little Recap…!- 14
Conclusion!- 15

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Hey there, Will Perkins here, and thank you so much for inves,ng your ,me, money, and confidence in this WSO!

I really do appreciate your trust!

Alright I know you’re here for the goods but first, let me give you a brief background about myself.

I’m sure a good amount of you know who I am. Anyways the reason I created the Simple Coupon Overload with Spencer, was because I felt that something was needed in our current marketplace.

A lot of people are struggling out there right now and even something as small as a couple hundred bucks could really get a family out of a jam.

That’s how this en,re method came about. I got to brainstorming and took some of my knowledge in offline marke,ng, figured out a specific service that applies to any business (anywhere in the world too), and wallah… Simple Coupon Overload was invented.

All businesses offer coupons at some point in ,me, and all businesses should have a Facebook fanpage to communicate with customers.

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