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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
What is Tobogganing?
Chapter 2:
Get Your Own Toboggan or Rent One
Chapter 3:
Essential Toboggan Handling
Chapter 4:
Safety Tips for Riding a Toboggan

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Chapter 3

Essential Toboggan Handling


If you are interested in getting a toboggan and going out and hitting the toboggan runs it is very important that you first have a proper understanding of how to properly control and handle a toboggan. There are some tips and tricks that you should be aware of that can greatly improve your ability to handle your toboggan. It is very important that you know how to properly control your toboggan, especially if you plan on taking it down large slopes or toboggan runs. You need to be able to avoid obstacles in your way such as trees or big dips in the snow. Tobogganing can be a very fun and exhilarating experience but you need to know what you are doing when it comes to controlling it.

Toboggans have a bit more control when it comes to going down slopes and runs that other forms of snow riding equipment’s such as a saucer. Since you have the ability to control your toboggan you might as well use it to your advantage instead of flying out of control down a hill.

The following chapter will go over the basics of controlling your toboggan and making sure that you have control over it so that you can ride it safely.

Be in Control

As mentioned before, toboggans are a great way of having fun but it is important to ensure that you are always in control of your toboggan at all times. Going out of control on your toboggan can be very dangerous and can lead to undesired results such as someone being injured or your toboggan being damaged.

The following are some things to consider when trying to make sure that you will be in complete control of your toboggan while riding it:

Do an Inspection on Your Toboggan

It is highly important that you do a thorough inspection of your toboggan and make sure it is in prime condition before you use your toboggan. There may have been minor damages that took place in your previous runs that you did not notice at the time and it is important that these damages are repaired before your next run. Failing to do so will likely cause further damage to your toboggan and turn what could have been a minor problem into one that is much larger. As well, failing to make repairs to your toboggan when they are needed will also make your toboggan unsafe and it will only be a matter of time before something bad happens due to your negligence. The last thing you want is for your steering rope to break in the middle of going down a large slope because you did not check the condition or it prior to riding your toboggan.

Polish the Toboggan

It is also important that you polish your toboggan before each time that you take it out to ride it. Polishing it is not so much for making it look good, although it does make your toboggan look nice. You want to polish the bottom of the toboggan because this will lower the amount of friction it has while sliding across the snows surface. The less friction you have the faster and more controllable your toboggan will be. You want to try and use the same type of wax or polish that you would put on a snowboard.

Choose Your Path

It is important that before you do any run with your toboggan that you carefully survey where your run will take place. While surveying this area you need to try and make a plan for how you would like to come down the run. You want to try and plan a route that avoids any obstacles. It is important that you try and find a path that steers clear away from trees and other things that you can crash in to. You may also want to try and avoid areas that may have brush sticking up through the snow as well as areas with a lot of ruts. Ruts in snow can throw you right off of your toboggan and if you are on a large hill your toboggan will continue without you, until it runs into something or reaches the bottom.

Clear Your Path

Once you have chosen your desired path you need to go over it and remove anything that might get in the way while you are coming down your run. This will mostly include moving small logs or sticks and clearing any brush poking through the snow. You of course want to avoid trying to move objects such as trees because cutting them down just to get a perfect toboggan run would definitely be frowned upon by some people.

Watch for Water!

Often times, where there is a lot of snow there is likely to be water somewhere whether it is in the form of a pond, a lake, or a creek. The problem is that at certain times of the year when it starts to warm up, running water can be under the surface of the snow and can be hard to spot. There are certain signs to look for however such as gaps in the snow. This is very important to look for because the last thing you want to do is fly down on a hill on a toboggan just to be swallowed by a running creek filled with ice cold water. This would be miserable as well as very dangerous.

Sit Properly

It is important that you sit the correct way on your toboggan when you are about to do a run. You want to sit or kneel on your knees in a forward position. Trying to go backwards may seem like it will be fun but it will give you little to no control of your toboggan and on top of that you will not be able to see what is coming. Another thing to avoid is lying down while doing your run on your toboggan. This will also give you little to no control of your toboggan and will almost certainly end in a crash or an injury. The biggest thing that you need to stay clear of attempting is trying to go down a run on your toboggan lying down facing head first. This is absolutely crazy and even though it seems like a good way to get an adrenaline rush it is also a good way to get a concussion. Crashing while lying down facing head first will almost certainly end in an injury even if proper protective equipment is being worn.

Appoint a Leader

Before beginning your run on your toboggan it is very important and absolutely necessary that you appoint a leader for the toboggan. The leader for the toboggan should be placed in the front and will be responsible for giving directions to the other members of the toboggan team to ensure that the toboggan stays in control at all times.

Steer Your Toboggan

There are a few different methods that can be used to steer a toboggan and these would include using a brake or a rudder on one side or a stick brake or even a foot controlled steering system. Try all of the different methods and see which one works best with you and what you are most comfortable with and are in most control of.

Know How to Slow Down Your Toboggan

It is important as a leader of a toboggan to know when you are going too fast and are losing control of your speed. At this time you need to instruct the rest of your team to put their feet down to slow down the toboggan.

Shift Weight

It is important that everyone on the toboggan knows how to shift their way in order to point the toboggan in one direction or another. This technique may not be completely effective but it does work and can make a difference in the direction of your course.

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