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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction To The Power Of Concentration……. 5
What is Concentration, Really? 6
Chapter 2: Finding Your True Motivation So You Have Real Goals To Pursue…… 10
Flow States and Startups……. 12
How to Love What You Do and Find Your Passion 14
Chapter 3: Methods For Maintaining Concentration.. 16
CBT for Concentration… 16
More Tips for Maintaining Concentration 20
Chapter 4: Making A Schedule. 24
Starting the Day….. 24
Niggling Tasks……. 25
Zombie Work….. 26
Setting Rewards 27
Chapter 5: Day-To-Day Concentration Advice.. 29
Rich environments. 29
Find the Fun… 30
Making it Interesting……. 31
Chapter 6: Re-Gaining Concentration When You Lose It.. 33
Take a Break.. 33
Brain Fuel…… 34
How to Power Nap. 35
Chapter 7: Long Term Advice For Keeping Concentrated As You Approach Your Goals 36
Break Your Goals Down Into Steps 36
Training Your Concentration.. 37
Mindfulness…. 38
Chapter 8: Conclusion…… 39

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Chapter 1: An Introduction To The Power Of Concentration

If only you could concentrate more, you could probably accomplish almost anything.

This might sound somewhat hyperbolic but it’s true.

Ultimately, success often comes down to who is willing to work the hardest and the longest and if you put more effort into anything then you’ll be more likely to succeed.

Imagine for a moment that you are a writer who earns $2 for every 100 words you write. That might not seem like much, but now imagine that you were able to write 25,000 words a day. Now you’re earning a lot, right? That’s $500 a day!

In your job, you probably aren’t paid based directly on your output but that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve more by working harder or longer. Ask yourself this: how many hours of your working day do you really spend producing your optimal amount of output? For most of us, we only really work our very best for a couple of hours a day. The rest of the time we spend looking at e-mails, we spend surfing the web or we spend on Facebook.

Imagine if you had infinite concentration. Imagine if you could work solidly for the full eight hours. You’d accomplish more than the rest of your team put together and it would only be a matter of time before your salary reflected that. You’d never have to stay late and in fact you’d probably get to go home early a lot of the time.

It’s not just in our careers where concentration really matters though either. In the rest of our lives concentration is equally important. Imagine how much better your relationship would be if you were always giving your partner your full attention. Imagine how much you’d improve as a parent if your mind wasn’t on other things. Concentrating on what is going on around you even makes you more alert and more focused when you’re out and about. This makes you better at responding to a crisis situation and is what the Special Forces call ‘situational awareness’.

In other words, being able to concentrate on what matters and being able to stay focused at all times is the secret to doing more and to doing everything better.

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