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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Don’t understand each other
Chapter 2:
Never communicate enough
Chapter 3:
Winning over an argument
Chapter 4:
Complicating simple things
Chapter 5:
Applying assumptions
Chapter 6:
Expecting each other to react in particular fashion
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Never communicate enough


When a couple decides to break up, it is always because they are not able to communicate with each other. Not communicating enough, whether verbally or non-verbally, will lead to misunderstandings or misinterpreting of messages between you and your partner. You can consider working, on communicating more with your partner, to show that you still care and love him/her.

How to Improve Communication

Just call to say, “I love you”. Tell your partner how much you miss him/her, or how much you need him/her, whether at work or when you are away.

This works especially for couples who had just argued or are being temporary separated from each other for daily activities. This is also a chance to reconnect to each other.

Put yourself in your partner’s position occasionally. You will understand better, what your partner is going through and how he/she feels about things. Take turns to do chores. Cook dinner, keep an eye on your children if you have any, or try to work around his/her schedules.

Have a conversation. Make time to sit down together and have deep conversation at least once or twice a week. Just talk about yourself and your partner. Have a special dinner together periodically, or go for a walk together, etc.

Have open and mutual discussions often. Join in the conversation with your partner. When either of you are facing difficulties or trying to solve problems, make discussions without dominating the whole situation, or allowing your partner to do all the talking.

Show appropriate body language. When your partner is in trouble and talks to you, show that you are listening. When your partner is upset with the loss of her close relative, do not merely sit there and do nothing. Give your partner encouragement with a pat on the shoulder or loving smiles.

Chapter 3: Winning over an argument


It is never ideal to think you are right all the time, especially when it involves your partner, just to guard your self-esteem or pride. Trying to win an argument means you are trying to dominate your partner, which is a very selfish thing to do and you might hurt your partner, which may lead to a bad breakup. Do consider avoiding the followings to get rid of this harmful behavior:


Try to be right all the time. Do not classify every point of view as “right” or “wrong”. You must understand that each point of view given by either of you can be subjective, and matters in life cannot be logical all the time, however, be rational. Never forget to listen carefully to what your partner is trying to say.

Expect your partner to think like you. Different people have different thoughts and ideas, so do not demand your partner think like you, or 100% understands how you think or feel.

Bring back the past conflicts. Again, why would you want to win over the argument? Is it to hide the fact that you are having low self-esteem? Bear in mind, this act could prevent healing the wounds in your relationship, and worsens the argument.

Accuse your partner. Don’t always be accusing. “You”. “You are the one who started this!” “You should check yourself first!” When in an argument, try to focus on what you feel and think. It would be better if it were phrased, “I feel disappointed…” “I find it hard to…”

Express negative emotions aggressively. When you are truly frustrated during the argument, you would start to react to it harshly. Do avoid reacting wrongly in order to give the opportunity for better recovery and easier reconciliation.

Chapter 4: Complicating simple things


One of the main reasons of breakups is complicating simple things, which is not wise, and it effects communication. Why are you being too serious over little matters in life? You can avoid complicating simple things by having positive thoughts or keep this in your mind, “I still love him/her”.

What Complicating Simple Things Will Do Between You and Your Partner

Never try to get away with it. For example, your partner never likes your habit of not placing your dishes in the basin after meals. If you keep repeating this habit despite him/her feeling irritated, just out of spite, imagine how things may get worse if it never meet came to an end.

Intensify stress in life. It is already pressuring with the busy daily schedules, so why make it more complicated and stressful when you are close with someone you love? A relationship occurs when you know that you can depend on him/her for happiness and relax from the pressures in life. Try to keep everything just as simple as it is.

Do not enjoy being together. Simple actions such as a call from your partner saying, “I miss you” would probably make his/her day. If you start pondering on whether your partner is cheating on you and trying to buy your love, you will miss the great feeling of him/her cherishing you. Soon, you will get frustrated with your partner easily, especially when you keep this kind of feelings to yourself.

Raise suspicions towards each other. Your partner is away for business and you think he is having another lover. She loves to add prawns in her cooking and you just feel that she does this on purpose, because she knows you are allergic to it. If you find something is wrong, stop thinking about it and bring it up in a open discussion. Ask or talk to him/her to clarify the matter.

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