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Chapter 1    Some Budgeting Basics for You to Remember

Chapter 2            Ways to Create a Household Budget

Chapter 3            Tips on Budgeting Successfully

Chapter 4    Tips on How to Set Up a Budget for the Family

Chapter 5    Organizing and Setting Up a Family Budget Plan

Chapter 6    Students – How to Organize Your Budget While at College

Chapter 7            Budgeting for the Elderly’s Care

Chapters 8    As a Working Adult, Why Not Try the One Column Solution as a Great Way for Budgeting

Chapter 9    Controlling Your Expenses so You Can Stay on Budget

Chapter 10    10 Points to Consider for Creating a Wedding Budget

Chapter 11    How to Budget for the New Edition to Your Family


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Once a person has lived with a successful budget, they will never go back to living without one.  In this book, we will look at ways in which budgeting can help you and your family achieve the best possible financial future.

When looking at setting up a budget, the hardest thing is getting over any emotional baggage which may hinder your success.  But once you have found the right budget method that works for you, things will be a lot easier.

Many people do not find budgets a pleasant thing to do, and they often do not want to take an honest look at what their finances are like.  But if you do it now, in about a year’s time you will look back and see what changes have occurred.

The whole idea of budgeting is that it helps you spend your money where you really need to spend it, and will eliminate those expenses that you do not need.  For example, wouldn’t it be nice to rid yourself of having to pay your thousands of dollars in interest each year?  Wouldn’t you rather be spending that money on something that you really need?

But creating a budget isn’t just about sitting down and saying what you do not want to spend money on anymore, it is about where your money is actually being spent at the moment.    So once you have worked this out, you just simply need to find where you can cut your expenses down and you should hopefully be able to reach the goals you have set for yourself, saving for retirement, a great vacation, a new car or furniture.  By budgeting, you should be able to achieve this.

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