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Table Of Contents

1.Introduction – Why you should listen to me.—————–P5
2.Purpose of Commenting——————P7
3.Ways of using commenting———————P11
4.What WordPress plug-ins enable you to do————————-P13
5.Ninja Tricks—————————-P16
6.How can I do all this?————————P18
7.Who this blueprint is for?————————P20
9.Get free videos——————P24

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Introduction – Why should you listen to me?

Hello. My name is Ivin Viljoen and I’m a professional blogger. My claim to fame is that I wrote a book in 3 days and had a published, printed copy in my hands 5 days later. However, that achievement is not applicable here.

The achievements that are applicable to this specific report is that I owe a large part of my success to commenting. Once I started using what I call ‘The Commenting Blueprint’ I was able to build more than 17,278 do-follow links to my website in as little as 3 months. Now, remember that I didn’t pay anything for those links, I built them with the sweat of my brow and following my blueprint.

Besides the amazing link building, I was able to get my blog from a PR0 to a PR 4 in the same 3 months of hustling with commenting. I won an award for the best publishing blog in 2011-2012 thanks a large part to commenting and using my blueprint. I won the award, not for great metrics, but because of a community I built on my blog using my blueprint as well as building relationships with publishers and authors, affording me the blessing of having up to ten writers writing for my blog at the time.

By using my blueprint, I was also able to forge relationships with many high profile bloggers that afforded me the following privileges:

•I have author access to many high profile blogs’ WordPress back ends. Which means I can write posts at any time and have them published on those blogs within a week. This privilege could be accounted to writing great content, but I think it could be mainly because I am able to garner lots of comments on my guest posts.

•I am involved in many JV’s in producing products for high profile bloggers.

•When I approach high profile bloggers about anything, I simple send them an email and there’s no questions they’ll know who I am or read my email. This is very, very valuable.

Do you see how this blueprint gave me an open door?

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